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    diffuse alopecia ?

    Wigs Hi Tara, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down :cry: . As far as wigs go, it really is personal preference. I work for myself and do not have a drug plan that covers any of the costs, so I like the better quality synthetic wigs, as they are usually less expensive than human hair...
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    Chronic crotch rash with Alopecia Universalis

    rashes etc. Monty, Hi Monty, I also have AU. I do not have the rashes that you describe, but I do get small patches (smaller than a dime) of psoriasis every now and then. My mom has psoriasis and I understand that it is also an auto immune disorder - we figure that that is the closest...
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    24/7 systems?

    Info? I'd like to know more too please!
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    diffuse alopecia ?

    Info welcomed Heaven, IndyJones Thanks you saved me a few phone calls and much tele-frustration to find out that OHIP hasn't included us as of yet. (I would have replied sooner, however the notification feature dosen't seem to be working for my email address?!). I am quite interested in...
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    diffuse alopecia ?

    hey lisas hello ladies, I am a young Canadian woman who has had AU most of my life. It began when I was eight. I think that I have tried every "conventional" treatment out there with little sucess. I am very interested in learning if you've had any success with the naturopath? When was a...