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    I Found My Cure To Propecia Side Effects

    @cheeseburger Did you notice any decrease in your libido before you started taking TA? If so did TA help in that regard?
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    Medications Most Commonly Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

    This is bad news for depressed balding guys :)
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    Scalp application of the antioxidant piroctone olamine reduces hair shedding in an 8-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study

    I've been alternating this shampoo with ketoconazole 2% shampoo for the last 3 weeks. No noticeable changes yet outside of the fact that my scalp is super clean.
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    Pharmacy from Andorra is selling CB for hairloss

    Odd as the shipping to the US is generally about 10 days. Since you're in Europe it might be a customs issue.
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    Microneedling for Hair Loss. (WOW very interesting study)

    At the time I attributed the new growth to other agents I was using. It was also difficult to hide the redness for the ensuing 3 - 4 days after rolling.
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    cb-03-01 vehicle with Stemoxydine for hairloss

    Well ethanol and propylene glycol are easy to find (in the US at least). Transcutol might be more difficult to source but again it's available in the US.
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    Topical finasteride liposomal - XYON - hasson n wong

    No one who lives in Pittsburgh can be considered lucky!
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    seeki ng advice on propecia , saw palmetto , nettle , pygeum

    I already have a script for 0.025% finasteride. I'm looking for a vehicle that will limit the systemic absorption.
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    cb-03-01 vehicle with Stemoxydine for hairloss

    1:1:1 ETH-PG-TRANSCUTOL Be that as it may, it's still not a vehicle you ought to use.
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    cb-03-01 vehicle with Stemoxydine for hairloss

    The only vehicle you ought to use for CB is the one from the clinical trial. You can use stemoxydine separately if you wish but it is inappropriate vehicle for CB.
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    Should I do a Blood Test to get baseline figures before I start Finasteride?

    Yes that is a great idea. If you can, try and get the test done in person and then only in the morning. You should also do a Estradiol test. PSA and prolactin are probably unncessary. Where are you getting your topical finasteride from? Dose?
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    Frankly I had better results with a regular dermaroller (1.5mm not 1 mm) than with a D2 or M8. The best protocol for me was rolling very hard every 3 weeks a la the crazy Greek guy.
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    - Finasteride 0.5mg daily - Kirkland brand Minoxidil foam 5%, twice daily - Weekly microneedling using Dr. Pen A6, set to 1.5mm length, vertex and crown only - Twice weekly Ketoconazole shampoo (Regenpure DR; switched from Nizoral after first month) - Multivitamin supplement twice daily (Folexin)
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    Most efficient combined usage of Tretinoin and Minoxidil?

    Your best bet is to have a minoxidil + retinoic acid solution custom compounded
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    REAL sublingual minoxidil log (sublingual minoxidil tablets)

    I first used oral minoxidil but I had to quit due to the side effects I experienced. After reading about Dr. Sinclair's work I tried oral minoxidil sublingually in the hopes of eliminating or at least minimizing the side effects. Unfortunately that was not the case. Are you in Oz?