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    [Norwood 5] Had a FUT hair transplant on finasteride - But I can't take it any more

    The thing is every hair follicle that is genetically predisposed to be sensitive to DHT will eventually go as long as you produce DHT. So if you ran out of sensitive follicles, yeah that's a possibility but if your hairs continue to get thinner then they will eventually go without intervention.
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    My friend, while I sorta understand your worry... It's like talking to terminally cancer patients about an appendectomy. Most people here don't even dream to have your hair. I believe you have exacerbated an otherwise normal process that comes with aging and jumped the horse quickly or to hard...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    I'm amazed you are still taking stuff considering your sides. I remember your posts for couple of years back. Your pics now don't seem to show much change from back then though. It's also hard to pinpoint the exact source of your sides since you are taking multiple things that could each lead to...
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    Should I even bother? Currently on minoxidil.

    With the right treatment you could actually see a massive improvement provided you are a good responder.
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    Last chance: trying finasteride and sides.

    If you were fine with 0.25 EOD you should probably go back to that. And uf you are thinking if an increase, maybe try 0.25 daily?
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    My Finasteride Update, 22 Y/o (pics)

    How is Fina working for you? Any sides? Your hair looks good and you have plenty of it. If u are a responder to Fina u should have plenty of hair for plenty of years
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    Side Effects From Finasteride, What Should I Do?

    That is definitely a tough spot to be. Unfortunately you have to choose in between being a ghostly person with potentially shaggy hair or a functional one with no hair. If your hair loss struggles stem from the fear of being rejected by women I can tell you one thing: no woman wants a man with...
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    Side Effects From Finasteride, What Should I Do?

    Depending on what sides and how intense
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    Concerned About The Potential Neurological Side Effects Of Finasteride And If They're Permanent.

    This approach is too simplistic. There is always a dual relationship. Matter affects mind just as much as mind affects matter.
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    I Just Dumped Two Bottles Of Ru58841

    I've read over the years of some similar experiences.