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    Interesting Replicel/shisheido Update

    Also just generally a good thing that they're moving forward with trials
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    Interesting Replicel/shisheido Update

    Good to see things moving forward after the recent rumours
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    Don't Be Delusional, There Won't Be Anything Better For The Next 30 Years. Deal With It.

    Follica should release 2021(might be delayed due to the rona) Shisheido had decent phase 2 results out last year Tsuji next year but prohibitively expensive I cant remember what skinte is tbh lol
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    My One Year Results. 1000 Fue Grafts. Dr De Rey S

    Thanks man, yeah can't believe its been nearly 4 years. I'm still on treatments yeah, they are helping me to maintain quite well. It was a life altering decision to start these treatments and I'm so glad i did I don't think i had any shock loss tbh, nothing noticable anyway Hows your hair?
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    My One Year Results. 1000 Fue Grafts. Dr De Rey S

    1000 grafts at €3 per graft i think. Yeah i know its not standard advice to get hair transplant at my age but i had maintained for 4 years and i was sick of my hairline. I'm much happier with my hair now than i was before that's for sure
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    My One Year Results. 1000 Fue Grafts. Dr De Rey S

    Oh yeah, I've being doing this since my 19th birthday so just about four years now. Minoxidil and propecia(currently generic finasteride due to corona shortages)
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    My One Year Results. 1000 Fue Grafts. Dr De Rey S

    Not posted in a while, my browser was playing up when i tried to get in. Thought I'd update you guys that i had a hair transplant 1st April 2019 with Dr Rudi D e R e y s in Belgium and here are my results. Attached photos from before procedure(after dermarolling), immediately post procedure...
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    Follica Still Exist After All It Seems

    Allellujah! I can see pigs flying around a frozen hell: Follica have finally released an update
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    Take Accutane To Clear Skin And Lose Hair Or Save Hair For Longer But Have Body Full Of Acne

    1 guy's negative reaction to a drug should not be used as a rule for that drug. 99% certain you will not suddenly flare up with bad skin issues 6 months down the line on finasteride
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    David Silva Hair Transplant's Results

    I I noticed that he kept it shaved for a whole season last year, i wondered if it failed and he had to wait to get another one. It was odd
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    I liked your post just for that wee man at the bottom hahah, good stuff
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    How To Stop Obsessing And Living Life

    If you read the guy's posts he talks as if he is already a nw6. He spits out this blackpill, nihilistic nonsense on a regular and it makes him come across as a bit of a troll. Any kind of hairloss sucks(i am nw2 with crown thinning) but he is way over the top
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    How To Stop Obsessing And Living Life

    I am still waiting to see pics of your hair. It's not healthy to be this over dramatic about a nw2
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    Looks And Looksmaxing Is Overated No One Cares

    Where do you live? Are you still in contact with people from school?