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    The most underrated hair loss channel

    That thumbnail on the first vid looks fake as hell
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    Need help! Balding/thinning and dont know what to do!

    Finasteride 1mg every other day, dermaroll 1.5mm once a week, topical minoxidil 5% once a day. Better late than never, you'll get there.
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    Norwood 3 19 Year Old: I need suggestions

    Microneedling 1.5mm once a week on your temples.
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    Does anyone else here hate taking finasteride?

    The doctors in the hairloss show on youtube said it's preferable to take only 3mg for a week. Meaning you can take just 1mg every monday, wednesday, and saturday (for example) to have less sides. The people who invented it only said take 1mg every day coz that's what they did when they made the...
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    Counting hair i find on my pillow and while having a bath?

    It's better to shower once every day. Keep it clean everyday. Dirt built up in your head after 3 days not washing it only promotes weak and hair fall. Don't think about the fallen hairs too much. It just means a new hair is starting to grow
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    Weak erections lately what should i do?

    Practice no fap every other day. Just don't touch it for 24 hours every other day. Though we're in quarantine, try to at least go outside for a walk and do other things to get your mind off of sex. When you are tired and have exerted your energy in other things, you'll start to urge for sex and...
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    Does minoxidil work on receding hairline?

    Yes. minoxidil can grow you vellus hairs on hair line and temples. Do some microneedling on it, about 1.5mm, to thicken those vellus hairs
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    Question about localization of minoxidil shedding

    Pretty much yes. According to the doctors of the hairloss show on youtube, it's like and compare it to a 'wound'. If you only apply in on the area you want the treatment, then the effects of it will only be on that certain area. Your hairline and temples are safe from shedding.
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    Maybe I have been in the dark for too long

    Lol, what you need is a haircut. A nice clean neat haircut so it can promote new/thick hair growth. You can start taking hair vitamins like biotin, fish oil, vitamin d, and collagen. No need to panic imo. Your hair is just maturing.
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    Finasteride only worked for 18 months wtf?

    It doesn't work forever. Maybe your balding genetics has caught up faster that it should over time. Been on it for 2 years, and after having recovered after 1 year, it doesn't grew any new hair, just maintained what I have on my head.
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    Im 16 hairline has been receding since 13, what could this be?

    It's your genes most probably. Check on your father side and mother side if your uncles, cousins, and grandparents have bald/balding heads. I'm pretty sure that's the main reason
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    What's the best brand of hair fiber to use for men?

    Any suggestions? I'm a guy and I'mma use it for some diffuse thinning on my crown. It's not that bad but it's noticeably thin when expose to sunlight. Any brand you think is the best? Thank you.
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    Collection on Androgenetic Alopecia theories: Which theory is the most plausible for you?

    It's really in your genetics, age, gender, plus your nutrition.