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    Case Performed By Dr. Feriduni – 1690 Fu In 1 Procedure

    It's ok, but you shoulda went a bit further.
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    Dr Feriduni 4740 Grafts And Aftercare

    Looks awesome. Are you planning to get some in the crown? I would if I were you.
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    Was Wondering How Often Should I Dermaroll?

    .5 and once a week at the start, then after a few months you can use up to 2 times a week. If using minoxidil, for first few months do not use minoxidil right after rolling, wait at least 12 hours, and probably 24 .
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    Scheduled 3000 Graft Fue Hair Transplant With Dr Rahal

    Looks good so far...keep us posted!!
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    Dr Feriduni 4740 Grafts And Aftercare

    Dear Lord, those FUT scars though...I understand why guys did it, really do. Just so glad FUE is so good now.
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    Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Loss

    Man, I'd kill for this hair. I keep my hair close buzzed, this look would be my dream.
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    0.75mm - 1mm Dermapen Daily With Minxodil Once A Day

    It's supposed to help a lot, although I read .5 is best.
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    Why Do Statistics Lie About Percentage Of People Dealing With Hairloss?

    I think as balding guys, we notice EVERYONE with good hair. Makes it feel like everyone has good hair, when in reality most are thinning or losing to varying degrees.
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    Minoxidil Works Well, No Wrinkles. Microneedling Regime.

    Get off Instagram and all other social media. You'll instantly notice an improvement in your esteem.
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    7 Weeks In On Minoxidil And Wondering If I Should Start Derma Rolling

    I've been using Minoxidil for about 2 months and 1 week, and dermarolling once a week for the last 4 weeks. It should not cause you to shed. You'll want to use a .5 length roller, and you shouldn't apply minoxidil until 12-24 hours after rolling. (I'll explain why I said 12-24 hours) For the...
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    4 Months Post Fue 4k Grafts Progress Options Welcomed

    Your hairloss wasn't too terrible, so at 4 months I would expect a better result. Who was the doctor? Not the office name, the actual Doctor that did the work? You look pretty similar to before, TBH.