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    BOB (china seller) Ru58841 users gather around

    No, just bought this from his website prior to using Topical Finasteride and the KB solution premixed was legit but gave me side effects.
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    Topical finasteride liposomal - XYON - hasson n wong

    I created a thread I buy mine from MAA compound pharmacy they do 0.1% and also 2.5%. They compound any mixture and also compound minoxidil, see the thread I created below should you want to order. They ship to most world wide countries, but double check your country...
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    Switch to oral finasteride or continue with topical finasteride?

    I been on Topical Finasteride since 2010, works and gave me less side effects compared to oral.
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    Taking Oral and Topical Finasteride?

    There have been cases, i have read stories people taking oral Finasteride and using topical RU58841, which is stronger than Finasteride.
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    14 Years On Finasteride And Losing Ground. Dutasteride Switch?

    In regards to your story and I have seen and helped people over the years who lost ground as well. Never switch brands, I always recommend spend the extra money and stick to legit MERCK brand propecia. One guy I helped once switched brands to generic as his clinic starting selling generic...
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    Update: Eucapil For 9.5 Months + Now Adding Microdose finasteride

    Eucapil did nothing for me, your better using Finasteride or Topical Finasteride as that’s what worked for me.
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    Keto 1% or 2% shampoos? Is there a differnece?

    I use these and they contain 1% and 2% Nizoral, but Nizoral is harsh for daily usage. My daily shampoos i rotate are, Revita, Lipogaine BIG3 and Regenepure DR. The best shampoo is hands down Regenepure DR but only contains 1% ketaconazole.
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    Advice re. topical finasteride application

    Hey i am from the United Kingdom, I been using Topical Finasteride since 2010 and buy mine from MAA in America they provide prescription and ship to most world wide countries. See the thread I created and cost, you can compound your own mixture and will save you money compared to other United...
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    How to explain your first date girl that you are bald but you deserve love?

    To be honest so many females suffer Hairloss now just like men, female pattern baldness is on the rise……
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    Do any of those Instagram topicals work?

    I been using Topical Finasteride since 2010 and maintained from Dr Lee Xandrox. I now use MAA, the United Kingdom sell basic Topical Finasteride with low minoxidil and over charge. I buy mine from MAA in America they ship to most counties, my mixture contains: 15% Minoxidil 0.1% Finasteride...
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    19 on finasteride. Should I add other treatments?

    You could add minoxidil or a derma roller and a good shampoo like Regenepure DR and some hair oils for more regrowth.
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    Low density hair transplant (Month 13). Help me make the right decision!

    Post better pictures, looks decent to me….
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    Am I losing my hair?

    The hairline and temples are receding, you would require the BIG 3, Finasteride, Minoxidil, Ketaconazole.
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    The world's most expensive minoxidil?

    I am from the United Kingdom and i started with the Belgravia Clinic and their programe, 12.5% Minoxidil + 5% Azelaic acid cream. The cost is crazy, that’s when I found compound pharmacies in America that prescribe and ship to the United Kingdom. My mixture i buy from MAA in America contains...