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    Using platelet rich plasma while on testosterone replacement therapy

    I wouldn’t risk doing this yourself lol, why you want to give this a go? Your current regime is super potent......
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    [Finasteride] Lowering dose from 1.25 mg to 1 mg

    Where you from? Check the pharmacy I use they ship to most countries and prescribe proscar. Contact them and check they sell proscar but you have to pay for prescription...
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    Microdosing topical dutasteride once a week or month

    I use Topical Finasteride, I have seen the results for mesotherapy on both Finasteride and Dutasterid which is awesome. Whats your current regime? Why not try Compounded Topical Dutasteride? Check below...
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    A CB Breezula Question for you guys

    Hey I’m from the UK, their stuff is legit as RU58841 gave me side effects, their feedback is legit on the forums I think you should be fine. Why do you want to test?
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    adding Ru, dutasreride doesn't work

    What about CB0301? Anagen Inc sell all these compounds. They are recommended on the forums.
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    Where the hell do you guys get your Dutasteride from?

    I use The Medical Wellness Center, they ship to Europe but check, Heres a link
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    Dutasteride - Every Other Day Dose?

    Why not try Topical Finasteride daily and use Dutasteride 3 times per week? Or you could use proscsr every other day and than use Dutasteride opposite every other day. The half life on Finasteride is 72 hours so in theory it will still work even every third day. Check Topical Finasteride below...
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    Minimum finasteride dose that works (oral)

    I been using Topical Finasteride with added Anti Androgen additives for years, I get mine from a Compound Pharmacy they give discount to forum members. I use: 15% Minoxidil 0.1% Finasteride 5% Azelaic Acid 0.25% Progesterone 0.025% Tretinoin 0.1% Hydocortisone check here...
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    Can I apply the dutasteride straight up as a topical?

    I use Topical Finasteride, the compound pharmacy I use now sells Topical Dutasteride, I posted a link should you want to have this formulated:
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    Legal Risk Of Buying Antiandrogens From China?

    This is awesome you have a link when this will be released in 6 months from real pharmaceuticals please?
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    How to apply liquid regaine to the hairline

    I always put mine in the fridge as I find the room temperature turns it into half liquid. So everytime I use mine it’s good thick foam, best to put this into a draw box in your fridge. Try it and see.
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    I'm 15, Am i already receding ?? weird hairline

    Your hair still looks great, you use anything natural for hairloss?
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    Results (pics) 33 Year Old Male; Finasteride And Minoxidil

    Awesome a good transplant fill the lost areas or why not try derma roller and add Ketaconazole shampoo like Regenepure DR and Nizoral to see that will stimulate growth......
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    Calvin Klein - More Hair than all of Us Combined

    I mean could be a hair system or transplant even better treatments still working......
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    Advicde required - Transplant or SMP

    Hey I use Topical Finasteride as oral gave me sides effects, you could try adding Horny Goat Weed and Zinc daily but also take multi vitamin as too much of one vitamin will deplete others. This will help with any sides effects, depending where you from the compound pharmacy I use ship to most...