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    Combination finasteride / dutasteride users. What’s your regimen / frequency?

    I literally asked same question today. Also interested. Did it work for you personally?
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    Anybody mixing dutasteride and finasteride with success?

    It's hard to get duta in my country for hair loss, but I might be able to get some. Anyways, it won't be enough for full duta transition and I was thinking if adding 0.5mg dutasteride 1 or 2 times a week would help at all? Anyone tried anything like that?
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    study on anti androgens and heart disease

    Natural death from heart stroke or natural death from being depressed due hair loss, yea
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    Prolactin "minitherapy" with SMI-1 (novel protocol for lowering prolactin locally)

    I think pegasus had good theory that it just completely heals hair/skin so that it will take quite a while for results to diminish. Just like when male pattern baldness can last 5-15 years before you go to NW5-NW7
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    Setipiprant For Hair Loss - Mega Thread

    Yes, Phase 2 studies turned up to trash results. Some people claim that it works, but it's most likely a placebo effect. Let's rely on studies.
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    Samumed Sm04554 Results Normalized To Baseline

    Why are you guys so impatient? Just wait a few months or so.
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    Red Ginseng Oil - Strong Potential?

    How much exactly? I checkout out, seems like pharmacies are selling panax ginseng oil (which seems to be same thing) in 25ml bottles.
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    PGD2 / PGE2 Supplement List To Take

    Castor oil orally instead of topically.
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    Yet another diet thread (& advice for slowing down hairloss)

    Of course male pattern baldness is caused by bad diet.. Just add more finasteride/dutasteride/female hormones in your diet and you'll be fine!
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    Association of Fibrosis in Bulge Portion with Hair Follicle Miniaturization in Androgenetic Alopecia

    Wonder what is it, because you could also assume that fibrosis is result of having less follicles and is not causing balding itself. Looking forward.
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    PDRN, an unknown powerhouse for androgenic alopecia

    So why are they selling the cream?
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    A study on pgd2 and androgens relationship

    Is there any paper which claims that niacin's flush is caused due to removal of pgd2? Also, how can we know that it removed pgd2 and not just makes follicles bathing in pgd2 due to flush?
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    PDRN, an unknown powerhouse for androgenic alopecia

    Ye those pics are good. Follicles started producing 2 hairs instead of 1. Healthy scalp usually has multiple of those. Anyways, how long are people using this on discord or have you just started?
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    Kintor new AR degrader w/o side effects

    Thanks for the post. Why are you guys so excited? As far as I understand, this stuff would still have to go Phase 1, 2, 3.. which would take a while?