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    Kintor has started Phase 3 trial in China for Pyrilutamide

    How it comes every single GB is a failure? Bunk powder? In theory pyrilutamide should work if RU works.
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    Update: Eucapil For 9.5 Months + Now Adding Microdose finasteride

    Tested by multiple users. No results. I tested it myself, no results too.
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    ASC-J9 Group Buy: More than just an AR Degrader

    Hmm, interesting that it was never tried again afterwards? If some people had results form it, why not organize more groupbuys? Anyways, I might join if someone could reorganize re-shipment from EU
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    ASC-J9 Group Buy: More than just an AR Degrader

    was there a GB for this previously? If so, any other members with results?
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    Research: Do nighttime erections and baldness correlate?

    Idk. erection quality drops in older men, but hairloss keeps getting worse. So your theory does not have a solid ground to begin with... You could probably do some random experiment yourself if you could find a drug which removes erections and see how your hair reacts.
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    Research: Do nighttime erections and baldness correlate?

    A lot of studies are unreproducible. As long as it's n = 1, it can't be treated as definitive proof.
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    Up - regulation of androgen receptor by heat shock protein 27 and miR - 1 induces pathogenesis of androgenic alopecia

    topical genistein worth to try? Nvm, seems like some members tried it and got no results.
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    3 Months On Topical Dutasteride - Results

    Works for few lucky people, generally it does not work.
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    Tetracycline and Regrowth in 2 months

    Well you're visiting that dermatologist soon, should have your answer quite fast.
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    BOB (china seller) Ru58841 users gather around

    How it comes that some new members are shilling 'chinese' seller named Bob?
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    Kintor is a scam and Doesn’t work

    Yes, Kintor is doing phase 3 in China in order to lure some poeple into fake GBs. Solid theory!
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    Bicalutamide vs Ru58841 as topical anti androgen.

    Interesting thread. If someone could acquire bicalutamide tablets, would they be easily solved in Alcohol and could be used as topical AA?