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    How To Use Ru58841? Thanks Guys Guys

    Here the link
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    How To Use Ru58841? Thanks Guys Guys

    Dude, search on the Internet... RU guide by hellouser✌️
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    Is My Hair Getting Better? (3months In)

    Lucky mothefucker, congrats ! :)
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    Topical Finaateide Or Topical Dht Inhibitor

    They do.. check minoxidil m a x.. the thing is they do not sell many formulations in the US due to regulations. They are quite reputable, lipogai n e is their product too..
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    4329 Grafts- Fue - Asmed - Dr. Koray - 13.3.19

    Hi, can you please post an update ?! I am sure ur result will be great ! :)
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    Can Ru58841 Have Been Dropped For Causing Cancer?

    Out of desperation, I would go dutasteride + CB, if I were you.... the chance is to get your hair back on dutasteride (science has shown that) and CB to use as an extra layer of protection. I had PMed guys that had messed up hairliness on dutasteride and they confirmed that dutasteride was a shedding only and they...
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    Once And For All; Can Dutasteride Make The Front Worse?

    Guys, I have the same issue. Using dutasteride 2x week now, once a week before. Been on finasteride 3 years.. Right tempe has receded 1-2 cm. Been looking good before dutasteride and I am still on finasteride. Dont know if it is shedding or dutasteride is causing this issue. I am back on minoxidil and RU to counter the dutasteride. I am adding CB...
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    Results After 3 Months Of Using Cb-03-01

    What about the powder ?! Would you stick it in the freezer or fridge is fine ?! I keep my RU in a in the freezer as the packaging says, not sure about CB thou.
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    How Do You Use Cb? What To Mix It With Etc?
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    Results After 3 Months Of Using Cb-03-01

    Could be shedding only, mainly if it is on sides. Hang in there :) !
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    How Long Will Ru58841 50ml Last Me?

    Depending how much u use... IF you use 1ml of liquid with 5% concentration once a day = 50mg a day x 100 = 5 000 mg, hence 100 days. If you do 2ml a day = 50 days. Buy 10 grams, pay in bitcoins.. it is cheap..
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    Where To Get Topical finasteride/morr F In The Uk/europe Quickly

    search for minoxidilmax on the Internet.. they sell finasteride + minoxidil. Ship from the US.
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    A 3004 Graft hair transplant (asmed, September 2017)

    Dude chill out.. I took a picture when I woke up...
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    A 3004 Graft hair transplant (asmed, September 2017)

    would need about 300 grafts up to the hairline to make it a little dense.. no rush there I am sticking to 18 months post op before deciding what next..... it has been now 1 year + a few days since the op.