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    Is There Any Man On Earth Who Won't Mind Going Bald Atall?

    I think you have to separate BALD from BALDING. I really think the process of BALDING is traumatic, but for a lot of men once they are bald things level out. If you meet your wife, say, after you are bald it is just how she knows you, so you are fine. It is normal for men to be bald, so most...
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    Dr. Rassman In La Or Diep In San Fran?

    Both excellent. Why not consult with both?
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    28 Yr Frontal Transplant (~2100 Graft) 8 Months

    Sorry you had to go through this bro. Looks like your 2nd hair transplant is going to come out better. hair transplant is always a risk, no doubt about it.
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    Serious Shock Loss After Fut Very Worried

    If the hair lost is miniaturized it may not come back. If the hairs are terminal hairs they should come back. Shock loss is THE WORST. Hang in the buddy.
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    Fue 2500 Grafts 4 Month Progress - Will Update Thread

    I think the hairline looks good and would not change it. Looks very natural and fits your face. Don't mess with success.
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    Nw2 500 Graft But I Will Waiting For Second Transplatation

    Hairline is placed way too low. Also, this looks like a very sparse placement of grafts. If I were you I would not go back to the same doctor and see someone else about a repair. Sorry you are going through this.
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    Nw6 - 4500 Fut Dr Jen Martinick Perth Aus

    Hang in there man. The first 3 months are really rough. It gets better.
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    What Percentage % Regrowth After 5 Month?

    I think the 50% at 5 months is about right.
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    Fue Or Fut For Nw3. Pictures With Cost Estimates

    You should not have hair transplant. Seriously. You look fine.
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    Prp? Is This Nonsense Or Worth A Try?

    I cannot comment on Acell but IMHO PRP is largely a scam. No standard protocols, little to no meaningful data to suggest benefit, often high cost.
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    1324 Grafts With Dr. Michael Beehner

    It is not bad for the number of grafts you got. You will need more work in the future, but you can deal with that when the time comes. Don't listen to the naysayers.
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    Over 50s Hair Transplant & Possible Specialist Surgeons

    Bernstein and Feller will do older males with good results.
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    Nw6 29 Years Old Thinking Seriously About A Hairtransplant.

    Be would be a very tough case but if your donor is very good you could consider hair transplant, recognizing high risk.
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    Would I Be A Good Candidate For hair transplant?

    I think you could have a frontal/top restoration and leave your crown alone and it would be worth it for you. If I were you I would do FUT. Find an experienced surgeon.
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    Please Help An Old(ish) Guy Decide Course Of Action

    Imho, you stand to lose more than you stand to gain from hair transplant. Honestly, you look fine.