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    Boy 8 AU since 9mons plus on nails.

    I think it wouldn't be more than just brittle fingernails.. my fiance has Au for 10 years now and he didn't lose them yet but I've a question for u .. did u ask ur doctor will ur kid pass his AU to his offsprings in the future ? that did he tell u?
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    is alopecia universalis hereditary?

    helloo question is to mothers of AU children my fiance got alopecia since he was 18 ,, Unfortunately when I was googling the disease by chance in the last few weeks , I was shocked to read that the condition is hereditary , it was a big shock to me I totally understand and accept his...
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    Is Alopecia universalis hereditary ?

    Guys please someone give me an answer !!
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    Is Alopecia universalis hereditary ?

    Hii Guys .. first of all I'm not a sufferer of alopecia but I'd like to tell u guys that I really love U all I love ur bald heads , because simply my fiance is one of you .. he's a sufferer of alopecia Universalis , to tell u the truth when I first saw him I didn't realize he had any problem ...