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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    So had my 6 months check-in and had both positive and negative results. Positive: treatment has been successful in regaining some thickness! So that's something that has really helped my concerns. It's not the most miraculous results, but it's still positive. :) Negative: Lord, the dermatitis...
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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    Thank you so much! :) And definitely the same to you!! So... now into the third month and wanted to give a general update! Had some bouts of major scalp itching, but that's just a sign I've been accidentally skimping on the Keto, so adding enough and letting it sit longer has gotten that...
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    35 Male - What Are My Options Now? Fue?

    I'd second the finasteride and minoxidil combo for sure!
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    Finasteride Shedding After 8 Months?

    Finasteride can often lead to temporarily increased hair shedding. So if you've upped the dosage, you're likely to see increased hair loss for a month or so after (some people are more or less sensitive, so it's really dependent on the person). It's temporary though and certainly not permanent...
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    One Year Update ( Where Do I Stand?

    So I can't make a real judgement without seeing a "before," but I don't see any signs of any hair loss of baldness with the pictures you've shared. :)
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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    I seem to be coming down from the initial shedding. The hair count in the brush, especially on non-wash days, isn't too much higher than baseline. It's certainly half of what it was! I'll be hopeful that this trend will continue downwards! I admit, I was getting a bit mental-crazy staring at my...
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    6 Months Results : Crown And Diffuse Thinning Huge Improvement

    Holy wow, that's amazing results!!
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    How Do You Live With Heavy Shedding

    Have you gone in to see a dermatologist? That much loss might be due to some other issue that they could help pinpoint.
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    Shedding Phase Or Losing Hair Again?

    From what I understand, just be ready for these sort of shedding phases now and then. By all accounts, it's progress, as the new hairs will continue to be thicker though!
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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    Call it mid-shed panic, but I've added the peppermint oil, a biotin/collagen shampoo, and some biotin supplements to the routine. By all accounts, topical biotin does basically nothing, but I needed more shampoo anyway and it was the only sulfate-free brand. Added enough peppermint oil to give a...
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    Rate Of Hair Loss Per Day On Minoxidil

    I'm in the lucky member in the middle of the "first shed" club, so I don't know for certain... but by all accounts, daily hairfall should return to average or lower outside of the shedding periods. I'd assume it would be less than normal for most people, since you've got a lot of new hair...
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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    Sides have mostly gone away (including that awful pressure sensitivity!). I still have itchy head (but I had the same thing from the dermatitis, so could very well still be that), but even that's not too bad. Less than it was before I started this. I am beginning to think that I'm starting the...
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    6 Months Of Finesteride. Need Opinions

    I agree. I think your hair looks healthier by far! Any thinning caused by the routine should start disappearing with hair regrowth over the next 6 months. Definitely keep us updated! It looks like you're reacting well to the routine. :)
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    A Bit Of Regrowth At The Temples After The Shed!!

    Oh! I drew it, but I was mimicking the artstyle of The Moomin's.
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    30, Thinning Hair, Just Starting My Treatment!

    So, wanted to do a... 1.5 week-ish update Obviously, not expecting to see results this soon, just wanted to make a post about side-effects. The first couple of days I definitely had some low blood pressure issues (in terms of feeling faint-headed, got the whole "vision goes black" a few times)...