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    Samumed Sm04554 Results Normalized To Baseline

    Also seems to dissolve in DMI - similar to DMSO but less harsh
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    Great find OP. I think I'll trial also. More info on one the molecules below. Bit surprised it's commercialized already - anyone know much of the brand now selling it, BioTE?
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    Is There A Better Forum To Discuss New Research And Studies

    painful when glancing at updates across a sub-forum’s threads
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    Triple Hair - Therapy 16 (th16) Topical Due Q1 2021

    Order some via, Will add to regime.
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    Complete Crown Regrowth - Topical Dutasteride

    Best of luck to you! Was look at theirs also - is it a liposomal vehicle, or ethanol based? Thanks
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    Samumed Sm04554 Results Normalized To Baseline
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    3 Months On Topical Dutasteride - Results

    Love this @Mustang - impressive work. Just want to check on dosage... you use 2ml of 1%? This would be approx 20mg of Duta (1% of 2000mg as 1000mg per ml). Just want to check as you stated 2mg duta earlier - I'm looking to make a similar topical. Thanks
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    Samumed Sm04554 Results Normalized To Baseline

    Should be 100% insoluble in ethanol. Does dissolve in DMSO according to literature, and seems to do similar in DMI based on recent personal usage
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    Histogen Trial Coming Up In June 2020

    It’s up and running. Also, CEO update coming.
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    Histogen Trial Coming Up In June 2020

    Histogen is now a public traded company via a merger onto the nasdaq, under "HSTO"! Press release highlights the below pipeline items. Initiate a Phase 1b/2a study of HST 001 for the treatment of male pattern baldness in Q2 2020. Initiate a Phase 1 study of HST 002 as a dermal filler in Q3...
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    Adipose Stem Cells Trial Out Of S Korea

    Only 16 weeks - hard to tell if just growth of hair vs thicker and/or new hair.
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    Adipose Stem Cells Trial Out Of S Korea It is from the Daily Mail and so probably years old, but anyone got any more on this? Adipose tissue extract into scalp was tested a few years back without any joy, however, i'm...
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    The Ordinary Multi-peptide Serum For Hair Density

    Stone the crows! These are amazing results over 4 months and just with 2 topicals on amazon! Thanks for sharing firstly. How important do you think Mediceuticals Numinox Revitalizer is? I'm using finasteride and duta in topical - i would initially assume my topical would more impactful (depending...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Just ordered some to try at 5% - will feedback on any sides. i believe my source is trustworthy - they will call out when they dont have certain chems i request rather than sending flower and taking the $. Hopefully my experiences with the chemical will be legit.
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    My Zix Experience - How B6 And Zinc Have Saved My Hair

    yes, in high enough concentrations it reduces production of DHT (i.e. regardless if have low zinc levels)