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    Examples of Bald men with attractive women

    I've have taken all your data and this is going to the FBI's joint task force with Interpol. They've asked forums to notify them of such postings and I am more than happy to assist them.
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    First time S5 user...

    I am Dr Lee managed to be the only person who made a scent free version.
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    Old unused finastrdebottle from lee, is it still potent or decayed somehow?

    They may not be as effective but I would probably take them.
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    Dr. Proctor- Snake-oil'n since (at least) 1987..

    If this turns into petty purse throwing it will be locked again.
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    Guy on the homepage here looks really bummed - is it just me?

    Too funny! He looks confident and secure to me.
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    Wound healing

    Some people have had great results healing with Copper Peptides. I know this does answer your question but its something to also research.
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    Lasers: good or bad?

    I have yet to hear anything positive about lasers and I have looked many times since I wanted to try one for awhile.
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    minoxidil to enhance facial hair = good/bad idea?

    Who knows. I would guess its possible you could get the same side effects as the scalp. Itching, pimples etc...
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    Who's taking Proscar? And how much is it?

    I am and I am taking about 1.25 every other day.
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    How credible is

    I did not know they started running ads. That's not good news.
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    Does any man ever truly escape hair loss/ balding?

    His hair has somehow gotten darker and thicker as time goes on. His father is completely bald. Howard is incredibly vain and thats fine! He has a full time stylist in Ralph. I bet Howard has a montage of transplants, extensions and wigs.
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    Is Nizoral really only available by prescription now?

    CVS may not carry it anymore. From what I understand the folks that make Nizoral require massive wholesale orders and CVS may not want to bother with it. Nizoral at one time was easy to find but it seems to be getting rare. I know walgreens still carries it though.
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    How credible is

    Some of it is legit but its a very over the top forum. No balance at all.