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    21M - Shaved my hair, curious about my head shape

    It looks fine, tho your hairline doesn't look that bad imo.
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    Men who make fun of baldness should be injected high dose of DHT

    What if they don't have the genes for male pattern baldness so any amount of DHT does nothing to them.
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    why does hair loss only happen in white males?

    I've seen plenty of balding non-white people, what are you even talking about.
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    24M, significant diffuse thinning and receding hairline - is this salvageable?

    Amazing how much hair length changes everything.
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    Should I try a buzz cut? Tired of styling with toopik every time I want my hair to look presentable

    It can be useful to try shaving your head at least once just to see what it looks like. You're not bald yet so you can still grow your hair back if you don't like it.
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    Do men with grey hair also get hair transplantation surgeries?

    Sure, I don't see the problem with transplanting grey hair. IMO it can often be beneficial, since grey/white hair can often hide imperfections that may arise with a hair transplant like plugginess and such.
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    This guy is named "World’s Sexiest Bald Man"

    Yeah the "fringe" pattern where the whole hairline stays intact but the rest of the hair balds away is really interesting.