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    Kintor's Pyrilutamide outcompetes RU-58841 (insane binding affinity)+ potential compound reveal?

    Does the AR degrader only target scalp AR? If not then wouldn't it prevent DHT from binding to the ARs in genitals(and other places where you actually want DHT) and cause noodle anyway?
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    Maintained Using Zix + Lllts (2+ Years)

    Hey @worm, any update on your progress?
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    The Natural Internal Regimen

    Hey, just last week i wanted to PM u about ur regimen, now i don't have to. I've read in a discussion somewhere else that Curcumin might be linked to reduction in DHT. I was not able to find any studies backing it. Have you come across anything like that in your research? Also Cayenne and...
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    Shedding on the back of head

    U are absolutely right on how it depends on how bad the situation is. Perhaps in 1.5 year time my male pattern baldness will be so bad that it will force me to start minoxidil and finasteride a lot sooner than expected. aderans is hitting phase 3 very soon, histogen has been in phase 2 for a while but u won't get much...
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    Shedding on the back of head

    yes, i think i would give both minoxidil and finasteride a try, but just not right now. I'm willing to try alternative treatments/natural treatments with lesser side effect profiles first. My hair is still not to the point where I need to take drastic actions + there seems to have some exciting and...
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    Shedding on the back of head

    yes it sux fcking ***. Especially when a sizable amount of confidence came from my thick head of beautiful hair. Now i look at friends whom i grew up with that used to always have less hair than i did and notice that they now have way more... i can't help but to feel depressed, but i've been...
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    Shedding on the back of head

    no, none of that stuff have actual proof of working. But i have too much to lose to start finasteride and minoxidil. rather pass up 99% of getting hair back to avoid 0.00000001 % chance of sexual/mental sides from finasteride and heart/face/skin sides from minoxidil.
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    Shedding on the back of head

    Hey guys, age:22 treatment: Nizoral 4 weeks in supplements: zinc, multi for men, omega-3, green tea extract, flax-seed 6 weeks in hair loss pattern: diffuse thinning + receding hairline + temple loss I started out with a ridiculous thick amount of hair. started to notice shedding at age 17...
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    Sulfasalazine: drug provides full frontal regrowth.

    yeah i'm hoping to have arthritis over here as well lol. no but seriously though I want in on some of this if any of you report anything positive.
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    Folexen: New Hair Loss Treatment based on S-Equol

    we know that taking huge amounts of soy isoflavone could cause gyno and increase in estrogen levels in male body. But for those who are natural equol producers, taking soy isofalvone allows them to convert the isoflavone into equol. Do we know for a fact taking directly equol will not do...
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    jouney to Norwood 1

    1,400 a year is affordable. My concern is mostly the risk of those experimental products he is using (highly effective yet no clue as to what they can do to the body down the road)
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    Folexen: New Hair Loss Treatment based on S-Equol

    was the instruction printed on the inside walls of every capsule? jk of course. Keep us posted plz!
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    jouney to Norwood 1

    Do u have an idea of your monthly/annual cost for your regimen?
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    Stem Cell Transplant therapy

    came across these videos on youtube. So basically its a doctor and his team from Holland who did some studies that showed that it doesn't require a whole follicle to be transplanted for hair to regrow. It required only some stem cells from that 1 follicle and these stem cells is fully capable...
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    Any reported deformed babies because father was on finasteride/dutasteride?

    thats what the germans said about hitler. it's just a fact of life :spell: