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    CALLING ALL RU USERS - Time for another official RU thread

    Idk maybe. I’m gonna give it a bit longer before I change anything.
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    CALLING ALL RU USERS - Time for another official RU thread

    Been on RU + minoxidil for almost 1 year. 50 mg/day applied topically once daily for both. - Month 2 my shedding halted completely - I went from shedding 60-100 hairs in the shower to practically zero. - Month 2 to 6, zero shedding and impressive increase in hair growth. My hair grew in denser...
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    RU58841 vs Fluridil which is better available effictive and safe

    Fluridil doesn’t do anything in my experience
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Do you have any before/after pictures? I’m curious. I’ve on RU for 10 months and I don’t think it’s doing anything.
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Why are using that vehicle instead of a standard ethanol/pg one?
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Exactly. I mean CB is an anti androgen that is currently approved by the FDA for use on children for cosmetic purposes. If they are wrong about the safety profile of this drug, i.e. if it does indeed cause systemic antiandrogenic effects, it will be over for the FDA. Now the FDA has no short...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Do 10 minutes of research online to make sure you do it correctly. Heat the pan as slow as possible and preferably put multiple 5 mg dots in a linear pattern radiating away from the area of the pan near the heat source. The CB dots should melt in order at the correct temperature with the dot...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Why don’t you guys who use experimental powders do some basic home purity tests? CB has a published melting point. Throw 5 mg into an old frying pan and heat very very slowly until it starts to melt. Monitor pan surface temperature next to the CB using a cheap infrared thermometer. If the melt...
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    7 months good hairline regrowth with pics (finasteride, drinking minoxidil, mk677)

    I agree with you - drinking the liquid formulation in small amounts should be safe. It’s just minoxidil dissolved in water, PG, and ethanol. The most dangerous thing in there by far is the minoxidil. I can’t believe you feel OK using 50mg of minoxidil oral per day though. That’s an extremely...
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    Sorry to say the poster boy for micro needling results has lost most of his hair again

    I’m also more skeptical that most people on this forum, but his “after” always looked fishy to me. His hairline just blurs into his forehead, which is almost always a sign of supplemental thickening products like fibers I’m not saying min/needling doesn’t work, but his results always seemed...
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    The whole P-3074 debacle just confirmed what many of us already knew - topical Finasteride goes systemic and produces the same effects as taking it orally. Some people report less side effects from topical. Idk if that’s due to something placebo-related or what, but the science shows that...
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    Kane/Anageninc CB-03-01 Lab results

    What makes this believable? Just because somebody writes something on the internet doesn’t make it any more or less true. That’s like rule #1 of the internet bruh. It takes zero effort to post a picture of a test report.
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    Kane/Anageninc CB-03-01 Lab results

    It takes 2 minutes to upload a picture.
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    Topical antiandrogen alternative to ru58841

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is a very very low likelihood that any of these research chemical/SARM vendors are testing the purity of the stuff they sell. They order wholesale from China and simply repackage it to sell to you. They might vet their Chinese wholesalers, they...