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    Dr Knudsen Australia, rate the before/after photos

    Would you guys recommend Dr Pathomvanich (DHT Clinic) or Dr Laorwong in Thailand?
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    Thailand - Dr Pathomvanich (DHT Clinic) or Dr Laorwong for natural looking hairline?

    Hey all, I have a NW3-ish hairline. Dark hair, medium gauge, curly and high contrast. They both have lots of examples online and plenty of testimonials and I feel like both would do a great job. Any reason I should choose one over the other?
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    How obvious is a small hair transplant 2 months after the surgery?

    I'm looking at getting a transplant of 1500 grafts into my hairline but I have a vacation booked 2 months after the next available date. I know there is redness after a hair transplant, will the redness have completely faded by the 2m mark or will there still be some shadow?
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    The best hair transplant in Australia

    Yeah, though not a big fan of the company he works for - "Gro." The company used to be DHI (bad past) and their sales tactics seemed off. It was things like they quoted me in "hairs" not grafts. I eventually got a quote on grafts out of them and it was 2250 grafts for ~18k AUD (~12k) USD. That...
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    The best hair transplant in Australia

    Bump, anyone worth seeing in Australia?
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    [Poll] How long does your system last and what is your protocol?

    This forum is one of the best resources for newcomers to the world of hair systems and although digging through posts to aggregate an understanding on how long a system lasts, I think it would be really useful for newcomers to have something like this to get a sense of what hair system ownership...
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    Anyone Ever been called out for wearing?

    This isn't someone recognizing me but after a few weeks of wearing my system (must have been 8 months ago) I was still really sensitive to the concept. I was standing at a traffic light and tuning out. I noticed someone's hair was slicked back, kinda puffy - exactly how my lordhair .03 poly...
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    Anyone had experience with Dr Gary Linkov in NYC?

    He has a good YouTube channel full of quality content, wondering if anyone has had any hair transplant experiences with his practice?
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    While on finasteride, can you use minoxidil for a few months, stop, and keep your minoxidil gains?

    Assuming you have been on finasteride for some time. If you use minoxidil for a few months and achieve some density improvements then stop applying minoxidil - will the lower DHT levels from finasteride prevent the new hairs from falling out?
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    How many grafts should I be expecting for this area?

    I'm in Australia at the moment and it's unfortunate that there aren't any good surgeons here at a time when international travel is locked down. I was considering Turkey but I have a trip planned for NYC whenever travel opens up again. Should I consider somewhere like Turkey or are the results...
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    How many grafts should I be expecting for this area?

    This is my hair when it has had some time to grow. When styled poorly, you can see the thinning in the front-center, sadly my hair isn't thick enough to hide the loss of density. I do a forward swept style to try hide the recession, but without temporal support, there is only so much I can do...
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    How many grafts should I be expecting for this area?

    Hey all, I am looking for quotes but I have been getting graft estimates from 1000 grafts to 2500 grafts. Obviously I have no idea what is required, how many do you think are required here? I am taking dutasteride and have been for several years. I am thinking of doing SMP for the crown to make...
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    GRO Clinics Australia - anyone used them?

    I was quoted 2250 grafts (though they like to quote "hairs" not grafts) at $17,700 AUD which is around $7.70 per graft (~$13,000 USD - $5.65USD/graft)