Hair Loss Treatments

Proven Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

We ship discreetly to your door.   No mention of "hair loss" on the package, you can get your Propecia, Rogaine, Antiandrogens, Hair Growth Stimulants, Shampoos, Conditioners and accessories for all your thinning hair and alopecia needs.  

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  1. Rogaine Foam 3 Month

    Rogaine Foam - 3 Month


    NOTICE: International orders will ship via USPS. If you select another courier, your shipment type will be changed.

    Women *can* use this 5% Minoxidil product even though it states "For Men". Rogaine 5% Foam is a completely new formula, shown to regrow hair in 85% of people who used it twice daily. This is a Three Month supply at less than $19.00 a month! Learn More
  2. Generic Finasteride F-Pecia

    Generic Finasteride (Propecia)

    Generic Finasteride is provided by an international affiliate website recommended by our users. This product is not sold nor distributed by HairLossTalk. You will be taken to a different web site by clicking below. Finasteride is not for use in Women Please click the link below to be taken to the web site. An order form will appear. You can not add this product on our store directly. Learn More
  3. Topical Spironolactone S5 Day Cream Pack

    Topical Spironolactone S5 Day Cream Pack

    Note: This product is provided by an overseas affiliate. It is not manufactured nor distributed by HairLossTalk. Same formulation as previous "S5 Cream". New Name. A discounted combo pack - Save $10.00! This this quantity should last you 4-5 months at only $18 a month. S5 Cream is an effective alternative or addition to Generic Finasteride (Propecia) (men only) with no side effects. Includes:Three 2oz/60g containers of 5% Topical Spironolactone cream. 4-5 Month Supply. Learn More
  4. Tricomin Spray Shampoo Conditioner

    Tricomin TricoPak

    Save $12 off the individual bottle prices with this combo! Designed for men and women with thinning hair, the Tricomin suite of products combines the benefits of clinically-tested copper peptide technology to naturally stimulate new hair growth and improve the appearance of thinning hair. Also very useful for calming scalp irritation. Spray will last up to 2 Months if used properly. Learn More
  5. Revivogen Scalp Therapy Shampoo Conditioner

    Revivogen Complete Pack

    The COMPLETE Revivogen Treatment Pack! A great alternative (or addition) to Propecia for men. Great in combination with S5 Cream for women. Revivogen contains the most potent topical DHT inhibitors on the market. Includes: Three (2oz) 60mL Scalp Therapy, One Shampoo & Conditioner (12oz) 360mL Learn More
  6. Toppik Hair Building Fibers

    Toppik Hair Building Fibers

    Toppik sizes have increased. Now get more in each can. Hands down, the best hair loss concealer on the market. Toppik fibers merge undetectably with your hair - hiding any thinning spots with completely natural looking coverage. Learn More
  7. Regenepure DR ketoconazole shampoo

    RegenePure DR Shampoo


    Looking for Nizoral Shampoo? We've done you one better. Nizoral's magic ingredient is Ketoconazole 1%. This is what makes it incredible for thinning hair. RegenePure DR is Nizoral with muscles. Not only containing Keto, it also has a myriad of other ingredients that work to stop hair loss at the cause. Even the mighty Nizoral can't make this claim. Just like with Nizoral, use the DR once every 3 days and the RegenePure NT as your daily shampoo. Or get RegenePure DR and NT together at a discount! Includes: One 8oz Bottle (two month supply - used every few days) Learn More
  8. LaserComb Professional 12

    LaserComb Pro 12


    Get the power of laser hair treatment in the privacy of your home! Now FDA Approved to Stimulate Hair Growth. A claim few products can make. Note: This is the full sized premium model. The less expensive LaserComb Lux 9 and LaserComb Advanced 7 are also available. Why the Professional 12 ? » 12 Laser Modules (largest). » 8-minute Treatment Time (shortest) Includes: » Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery & Charging Stand. » Beep & Vibrate Function, Premium Travel Case, User Manual » Worldwide Power Adapter (110-240v) Learn More
  9. Couvre Masking Lotion

    COUVRe Masking Lotion


    Couvre is a concealer that is applied to the scalp rather than to the hair, to help reduce contrast between skin and hair. Great for that night out on the town, and used in conjunction with Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Includes: One 1.25 oz tube - 1 Month Supply. Learn More
  10. Crinagen CrinaPak

    Crinagen CrinaPak

    A three month supply of Crinagen Scalp Therapy at a discounted price off the individual bottle. Crinagen is a topical DHT inhibiting product that can be used by both men or women experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia. Individual bottles can be obtained here. Includes: 3 Crinagen Scalp Therapy bottles (4oz) Learn More

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