Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy

The most potent Topical Antiandrogen (DHT Inhibitor) on the market today. Great alternative, or in addition to Generic Finasteride (Propecia). Combined with S5 Cream, you're really covered...

Includes: Three (2oz) 60mL Scalp Therapy and one eyedropper. 3 Month Supply.

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The Most Potent Topical Antiandrogen Treatment Around

This product also available with the Revivogen MD Shampoo Treatment in a Discount Combo, as well as their RevivogenMD Complete Pack at a $10 discount.

Most of you have heard of Propecia. Women? You can't even take it. Guys? Many of you don't even want to. Some are concerned about side effects (despite the low incidence), and still others just don't want to mess with their hormones at all. Yet the dilemma is always there. Everybody knows Propecia is the most effective treatment on the market today. This is exactly why Revivogen was created. To provide a scientifically-backed, topical (instead of oral) antiandrogen alternative to Propecia. And they have done an incredible job at it.

While you may see a lot of efficacious products on our site that address further loss, stimulate new growth, or calm the scalp .... most of them contain 1 or two scientifically-backed ingredients. This is where Revivogen is different. They've sought to include every single one of these ingredients - in one powerful formula.

Impressive Ingredient List

HairLossTalk has carried Revivogen since it first came on the market. It was a great treatment on Day 1. But over the years we have watched the scientists and physicians who manufacture this product continue to evolve their research, understanding, and subsequently the ingredients in their formula. What you are getting today is literally the evolution of nearly 10 years of continued hair research. Improved use. Easier application. Better ingredients. And much more.

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Who is Revivogen For?

Revivogen Scalp Therapy is for Men or Women who are dealing with hair loss expected to be caused by hormone changes. Either systemically or in the scalp. This includes pretty much all men, and a large percentage of women. Revivogen Scalp Therapy is in the class of "Preventive" treatments first and foremost. But as mentioned above, they have also included growth stimulants, and scalp conditioning elements. This means the famous "Big Three" you may have read about on this site is intelligently combined into one convenient topical treatment with Revivogen. Revivogen is, in our opinion, the most clinically backed treatment in its class of non-FDA approved natural products.

As with any treatment, Revivogen can be combined with other powerful products like S5 Cream, Tricomin Therapy Spray, Rogaine, and even Propecia (men only), to give even greater increased chance of success.

Setting Your Expectations

Please remember that treating hair loss is a slow process that requires persistence and patience. Any legitimate hair loss treatment will take between 6-12 months to begin working, and a full 2 years before optimal results are attained. So set your expectations accordingly.

There may be shedding periods in between. Shedding is a natural part of any effective treatment regimen. Existing hairs are ejected and new, healthier hairs are generated in their place. It does not always happen, but it should be expected. Especially any time you modify your treatment regimen. This is why starting small (with 1-3 core products) and waiting 6 months to a year before adding anything new, is an important part of treating hair loss effectively.

Take photos of your hair in bright light, both wet and dry. This will help you keep perspective as time goes on. Especially through shedding periods which may cause you to think you've lost more hair. Photos will help you see that things haven't gotten any worse.


Revivogen Scalp Therapy Ingredients:

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), Linoleic and Oleic Acid are essential fatty acids found in plant oils. These fatty acids have been individually proven to inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase. In fact these are the most powerful inhibitors of 5-Alpha Reductase known today. Not only do they inhibit the Type II form of the 5-Alpha Reductase which other products like Propecia inhibit, but also the Type I form of the enzyme which is present in high concentrations in the scalp, sebaceous glands, and the skin. Additionally GLA, ALA and Oleic acid have potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid found in whole grain cereals, rye, and barley and animal products. It is FDA approved as a topical preparation for treatment of acne and is effective against a number of other skin conditions. There is strong scientific evidence that Azelaic Acid and Zinc are potent inhibitors of 5-Alpha-Reductase. When Azelaic acid, Vitamin B6 and Zinc Sulfate where added together at very low concentrations, 90% inhibition of 5 Alpha-Reductase activity was obtained. The synergistic activity of these compounds against 5-Alpha-Reductase makes this combination very effective in treatment of male pattern baldness.

Saw palmetto has been extensively studied over the past several years for the treatment of enlarged prostate in men ( BPH ). Saw Palmetto extract which is a known anti-androgen is the liposerolic extract of the fruit of Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto has shown to effectively block DHT and is also believed to block the androgen receptors which are found on the hair follicles. Like GLA and ALA it also blocks Type 1 and Type 2 forms of 5 alpha-reductase and has shown to be more potent than Finasteride, the active ingredient of Propecia.

Procyanidin Oligomers (also known as Proanthocyanidin) are naturally derived ingredients that have shown to stimulate hair growth similarly to Minoxidil (RogaineĀ®). Recent studies by Japanese scientists have shown that Procyanidin Oligomers possess growth stimulation activity toward hair epithelial cells in vitro and stimulate anagen induction in hair follicles in vivo. Addition of Procyanidin Oligomers to Revivogen is intended to increase the hair growth stimulation properties of the formula.

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