Mission Statement


Optimizing Your Chances of Success

Our goal is to present to you the treatments which have the greatest potential to work. HairLossTalk has always been the one hair loss site that has been fiercely devoted to promoting only clinically backed products. While all the other hair loss sites out there allowed a virtual free-for-all, we stuck to the core treatments. Over time, thankfully, more and more products have been popping up which are based on some solid science. As a result, we have slowly grown our product offerings to include supplemental and adjunct treatments for a core hair loss regimen.

Properly Categorizing Treatments

With every product presented on this store, we try to clearly identify its purpose (Prevention, Growth Stimulation, or Anti-Inflammatory). We also try to clearly convey whether the product in question fits in as a core foundational treatment, or whether it is a possibly helpful add-on treatment. We will continue to group and categorize the products on this store in a way that makes differentiating them even more clear in the coming years.

Fully Educating Our Customers

We do our best to fully educate users prior to their arrival so that they know exactly what they're trying to accomplish, and how to accomplish it. Our Men and Women's Guides to hair loss treatment go into some depth about the different types of products out there, and how to use them to accomplish your desired goals.

Setting Expectations

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we try to educate our customers on the importance of patience. Treating hair loss is not a quick process. Sometimes it can take 6 months to a year to begin to see results. Therefore proper education is paramount, and makes for a much more informed purchase experience.



Thank you and Happy growing!

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