Bitcoin Discounts

Save on Hair Loss Treatments, Using Bitcoin

Dear HairLossTalk Customer:

You can now get an additional 5% off everything in the store by using Bitcoin as your payment option.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash. To put it simply, you deposit US Dollars (or any currency) into an online wallet using an exchange website. From there you can spend online, or in person at any vendor that accepts it. These online tokens enable you to transact online without fear of credit card or identity theft.

Better yet, for more information on Bitcoin, please visit

Why the Discount?

Because its cheaper for us, and safer for you. Bitcoin bypasses all banks and middle-men who charge fees for transactions. This enables us to pass that savings on to you, and offer discounts on all your purchases.

" Bitcoin eliminates the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft in online purchases. This is a game changer "

How do I get Bitcoin?

Right now the easiest way is to sign up on Its exactly the same as setting up a PayPal account. You link your bank accounts, they give you an online wallet, and you can immediately purchase Bitcoins at the current exchange rate.

They have an iPhone and Android app as well, so just search the App Store for Coinbase and you can carry your digital wallet with you.

Once you have funded your wallet, you can add products to cart here on When you arrive at the billing screen, you will be presented with the option to pay in Bitcoin.

You'll be presented with a quantity to send (such as 0.04279 BTC). And you'll be given an address to send it to (such as: 1KfNzVn6EeyG8CUCj9o1DgoTF6489bRrgs). Just copy and paste that address into the "Send" box, along with the proper amount, and hit send. In a few seconds you'll see the transaction has been completed on HairLossTalk's side.

No hassle. No fuss. A 5% discount. And best of all? Nobody just stole your credit card number.

Welcome to the future of Money!


For more information on Bitcoin:


Thank you and Happy growing!

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