Breaking the Silence on Women's Hair Loss

The book that HairLossTalk helped write! The first book of its kind dedicated to real stories of women dealing with all forms of Alopecia.

Breaking the Silence has up to date resources, websites, doctors, and intelligent steps to take to help diagnose and treat your hair loss.


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About the Book

A lot of love and time went into the writing of this book. We can vouch for that as the author was very thoughtful and thorough in her pursuit of information, to make it the best book on the topic out there.

Candace Hoffman is a long time medical writer, and contributor to WebMD and other major medical publications. In dealing with her own personal hair loss experiences, she sought to delve into the lives of others struggling with this difficult condition.

Candace contacted us here at HairLossTalk and we put her in touch with numerous women, as well as several in her own circles who helped contribute to this book.

Comments from the Author

"Some 30 million American women have some form of hair loss. That equates to 1 in every 4 women. Most women suffer alone and in silence. I wrote my book as a compilation of the information available today, and to begin discussions about the condition with women who want to bring this taboo out of the closet. I wanted to take the power from the snake oil salespeople who have a ton of “cures” that rarely work.

Through an e-mail questionnaire distributed by, I interviewed nearly 100 women dealing with some form of Alopecia. Some said they felt ashamed, and others teetered on the brink of suicide because they couldn’t cope with the shame. While hair loss isn’t life threatening, it is life altering. I hope this book will help raise voices and break the silence on this devastating condition."

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