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Revivogen Scalp Therapy

Revivogen Scalp Therapy


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The most potent Topical Antiandrogen (DHT Inhibitor) on the market today. Great alternative, or in addition to Generic Finasteride (Propecia). Combined with S5 Cream, you're really covered...

Includes: Three (2oz) 60mL Scalp Therapy & one eyedropper.

Revivogen Scalp Therapy

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Revivogen is a revolutionary, all-natural solution in the fight against hair loss, containing clinically proven DHT inhibitors. Revivogen is, in our opinion, the most clinically backed treatment in its class of non-FDA approved natural products. The science backing it is phenomenal.

This discount combination pack comes with three scalp therapy, and one eyedropper. This pack will last you 3 months.

We encourage you to review the supporting documentation in the Revivogen Product Review right sidebar. Revivogen is used topically, has no side effects, and is a great addition to any clinically proven treatment regimen of (Rogaine, Nizoral and Generic Finasteride (Propecia) for men).

Revivogen for Men - Where Does it Fit?

For men seeking to maintain what they've got and possibly regrow a little, you want an Antiandrogen. Propecia, Revivogen, and S5 Cream (Topical Spironolactone) are all antiandrogens. For men seeking to regrow cosmetically noticeable hair, you need an Antiandrogen and a Growth Stimulant like Rogaine. Which antiandrogen you choose is completely up to you. Just keep in mind that if you want to duplicate Generic Finasteride (Propecia), its suggested you use both Revivogen and S5 Cream together.

Revivogen for Women - Where Does it Fit?

The only women who will benefit from Revivogen are those who are fairly certain they have Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair) as opposed to patchy or total hair loss. This treatment affects the hormone balance in your scalp. So if hormones are not causing your hair loss, this treatment will not stop your hair loss. The vast majority of women who have thinning hair do have Androgenetic Alopecia. The logic for them is the same as for the men. To maintain what you have, and possibly regrow a little, use an Antiandrogen like Revivogen, or Topical Spironolactone S5 Cream. If you need to regrow a noticeable amount of hair, you will need to add Rogaine to that mix. Rogaine Foam is suggested as it is the most effective form.

Setting Your Expectations

Please remember that treating hair loss is a slow process that requires persistence and patience. Take photos of your hair in bright light, both wet and try. This will help you keep perspective as time goes on. Especially through shedding periods which may cause you to think you've lost more hair.

Shedding is a natural part of any effective treatment regimen. It does not always happen, but it should be expected anytime you modify your protocol. Shedding is a sign that the treatment is working. Existing hairs are ejected and new, healthier hairs are generated in their place. Photos will help you see that things haven't gotten any worse.

Most importantly, remember that results with any legitimate hair loss treatment take between 6-12 months to begin, and a full 2 years before optimal results are reached. Set your expectations accordingly.

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