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Nizoral Shampoo 1%

Nizoral Shampoo 1%

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Nizoral Shampoo 1%

$ 7.99

Quick Overview

Nizoral Shampoo must be a part of every hair loss treatment regimen. Control your itch, and underlying inflammation associated with thinning hair.

This is a 1 Month Supply (50ml) of concentrated anti inflammatory 1% Ketoconazole shampoo.

Product Description

Nizoral Shampoo is part of the "Big Three", a term coined for the core three treatments in any successful hair loss treatment regimen. Propecia, Rogaine, and Nizoral Shampoo. Nizoral should be used 3 times a week, and will help with any form of Androgenetic Alopecia in both men, and women.

Nizoral is first and foremost an anti-inflammatory shampoo, and provides probably the most important aspect of treating hair loss: Inflammation control. The hormonal activity going on in a man or woman's scalp during the process of hair miniaturization results in inflammation. That inflammation *is* the process of rejecting follicles, which *is* hair loss in a nutshell. Its a type of hormonal immune response, and calming it is paramount to stopping further loss.

Secondly, Nizoral has some antiandrogenic properties, making it the only shampoo on the market with any potential to also inhibit hormone processes going on in the scalp. But the real key here is controlling the itch. Controlling the irritation. Controlling the redness. Use Nizoral three times a week until your itch has been subdued. Even if you have no existing itch, rest assured that if your hair is thinning, there are inflammation processes worth stopping. And Nizoral will do that.

There are a lot of Ketoconazole 1% shampoos out there right now - at least claiming to contain that ingredient. Stick with Nizoral which has years of reputation and success. No hair loss regimen should be without Nizoral. Period.

Instructions: Apply Nizoral Shampoo immediately as you enter the shower. Allow Nizoral Shampoo to soak for the duration of your shower, and then rinse. Some people like to apply, rinse out their hair products, then reapply... and soak. The key is keeping the shampoo on your head as long as possible in the shower. But not too long! 10-15 minutes is just fine. More is not better after that point.

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