Rogaine VersaFoam Absorption Technology

Rogaine VersaFoam



Rogaine Foam – Improved Absorption over Liquid

Connetics Corporation, a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes dermatology products, today announces the use of its proprietary VersaFoam technology in Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s new Men’s Rogaine Foam, now available wherever Rogaine is sold.

In January 2006, Pfizer received FDA approval for Men’s Rogaine Foam (minoxidil, 5%) developed under a license from Connetics’ VersaFoam technology. “Rogaine is the most popular topical treatment for hair loss.

A Rogaine formulation utilizing Connetics’ VersaFoam technology offers patients suffering from hair loss a convenient therapy that absorbs rapidly upon contact with the scalp leaving minimal residue,” said Thomas G. Wiggans, Chief Executive Officer of Connetics. “Connetics’ innovative skin delivery vehicles have created strong customer acceptance and leading brands in the prescription topical steroid and antibiotic markets. We believe the elegance of our VersaFoam delivery system also holds potential to increase patient compliance and to expand the current market for Rogaine.”

“We are very happy to be partnering with Connetics, a leader in foam technology, to provide this novel formulation for the hair loss patient,” says Dr. Bruce Kohut, Senior Director of Dermatology at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. “We expect that patients will find the new Rogaine Foam easy to use and an enjoyable experience.”

What is VersaFoam Technology?

As a leader in novel topical delivery systems, Connetics owns worldwide rights to a number of unique topical delivery systems and has branded its proprietary foam drug delivery vehicle, VersaFoam. This unique, versatile topical drug delivery vehicle quickly absorbs into the skin when applied and has versatility for application on multiple body sites.

The formulation is thermolabile, which melts at skin temperature and evaporates quickly. In addition, it is easy to apply, non-dripping, stain-free and leaves minimal to no residue. It is also preservative-free. The VersaFoam system has important cosmetic and functional benefits compared with conventional delivery vehicles including creams, ointments, gels and lotions. Connetics’ VersaFoam-based products are OLUX for scalp dermatoses and non-scalp psoriasis, Luxiq Foam for scalp dermatoses and Evoclin Foam for the treatment of acne.

These formulations have earned wide acceptance by physicians and patients due to their clinical effectiveness, high quality and cosmetic elegance.

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