Revivogen MD Consumer Trials

Revivogen Consumer Trials



Revivogen Consumer Trials Results

Several years back we decided to do our own study on the effects of Revivogen.   Since we have an online store with people buying Revivogen regularly, we offered some discounts to them if they’d take the time to tell us whether the product was working for them.  By doing this, we got honest responses, and were able to fully track people who were actually using it.

Revivogen themselves ran a trial with about as many customers.  In the end we combined the results and came up with what we feel is an accurate conclusion to the question of Revivogen’s effectiveness.  If you’re extremely lazy, here’s the bottom line:   Just like with Propecia, the longer you use it, the greater chance of effectiveness.  As we got past the 1 year mark, we were hard pressed to find anyone who wasn’t seeing results.   This also emulates typical experience with Propecia.

Below you will see a very quick summary of the combined results comparing both the Revivogen Consumer trials and the HairLossTalk Revivogen Consumer Trial results.  Gives a great overview of exactly how effective Revivogen is, in the eyes of the users.

We took both the HairLossTalk (24 Participants) and the Revivogen (26 Participants) consumer trial feedback and have put together a set of combination results.  These results represent exactly 50 users on Revivogen who have used it for anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.  These are customers who have verified purchases for the entire duration of the trial from our online store.

Most users were on it for at least 5 months.  The following results came from users who used it 5 months or less:

72% Maintained or Regrew their hair
28% saw no benefit

Used Revivogen for 6 mo. or Longer

82% of users who saw results had used for 6 months or more

Note: Only 18% of those who didn’t see results had used for 6 months or more. In other words, results are on roughly the same timeline as Propecia, taking a minimum of 6 months, with results improving as you approach the 1 year mark.

Only 5 users out of 19 who saw results had used for 6 months or more in the Revivogen Trials.

We carry Revivogen in our Hair Loss Treatments Center so you can begin this regimen today.