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Using Sophora Root Extract to Treat Hair Loss?

In the course of screening plant extracts for anagen elongation activity, the extract of dried roots of Sophora Flavescens Aiton (SRE), was found to ossess potent anagen elongation activity…

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Ethanol Extracts as Hair Growth Stimulants?

150 subjects of male pattern alopecia were treated with HEM-13/HDC twice a day for 6 months and subjective and objective clinical symptoms were assessed. Objective symptom was assessed…

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Do Natural Treatments for Hair Loss Work?

By Dr. Marty Sawaya   Natural Oral Supplements and Legitimacy There are a couple types of natural hair loss treatments.   One includes the topical natural hair loss treatments you

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Is Saw Palmetto as Good as Propecia?

You’ve heard that Saw Palmetto is a “natural” and “safe” and “effective” alternative to Propecia. We’re not so sure that is the case, and here is why…The whole topic of

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