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Sawaya Speaks on Dutasteride

Dr. Sawaya tells HairlossTalk why she previously spoke so enthusiastically about Dutasteride… Sawaya comments to HairlossTalk Users on Dutasteride July 13, 2001 Recently there has been some active debate in

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Florida Hair Loss Conference

Orlando, Fla., February 21 – 24, to push hair loss to its limits as they continue to search for treatment options until a cure for balding is discovered. Hair loss

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Pharmacia unveils new Thinning hair Gauge

Makers of the Paul Mitchell Rogaine Professional family of hair care products announced today at the International Beauty Show that it has a new patent pending system to help stylists

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Dr. Marty Sawaya on Hair Loss Treatments

Unapproved Treatments for Hair Loss MARTY E SAWAYA, MD JERRY SHAPRIO, MD Title: “Alopecia:  Unapproved Treatments or Indications” Summary of Article: An in-depth analysis of several “hair loss treatments” which

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