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Tag "Hair Loss Treatments"

Is it Really Possible to Regrow Your Hair? This Guy Did. 6

Have you ever wondered if its really possible to regrow your hair with the currently available treatments?  Well here’s some proof that they work when used properly, and consistently. And

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Green Tea as a Hair Loss Treatment

One of the most popular herbal agents being used these days is green tea. The plant name for green tea is Camellia sinensis, which originates in China, but very popular

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HairLossTalk Guide to Men’s Hair Loss Treatment

HairlossTalk’s new Guide to Men’s Hair loss is a completely revamped and expanded portion of the new HLT web site released in May. This is the first of several reviews

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Dr. Marty Sawaya on Hair Loss Treatments

Unapproved Treatments for Hair Loss MARTY E SAWAYA, MD JERRY SHAPRIO, MD Title: “Alopecia:  Unapproved Treatments or Indications” Summary of Article: An in-depth analysis of several “hair loss treatments” which

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