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ISHRS Conference: New Hair Cloning Research

A review of the current state of Hair Cloning and Tissue Engineering research, written by Dr. Jerry Cooley. We also have a complete abstract from the October ISHRS conference covering

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Hair Cloning – What will it be all About?

What is it going to take to clone hair, and how will such a technology help you? Cloning is the latest craze in the world of science and biotechnology these

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Recent Advances in Hair Cloning 0

Article written exclusively for HairlossTalk and its users, Dr. Kevin McElwee provides this three-part review on the current state of hair cloning research, its history, and what you can expect

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Hair Cloning vs Hair Transplants: A Comparison 0

The following article was written by Dr. Gho for HairlossTalk to help clear up some of the misconceptions of exactly what Follicular Multiplication is – both for consumers and those

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Hair Multiplication and Hair Cloning News

A new campaign was founded on August 1, 2000 by a large group of hair loss sufferers to bring exposure to something they are calling the cure to baldness. For

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