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Tag "Follicular Unit Extraction"

Dr. John Cole: The Follicular Isolation Technique

The new trend in Hair Transplant Surgery, FUE is being attempted by a handful of surgeons interested in the possibility of offering consumers an alternative to standard strip incision. We’ve

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Dr. Alan Bauman to Perform FUE

Dr. Alan Bauman of Boca Raton FL has announced that he is now publicly performing the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure for hair transplant patients; the latest in Hair Transplant surgery

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ISHRS Conference: Follicular Unit Extraction Review

Discussion on the new Hair Transplant technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction, and the importance of proper scientific method, disclosure, and peer review due to the high potential for complications,

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NHI Announces Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Exclusive interview with Dr. Rassman on a new technique that may revolutionize the way hair transplants are done.  NHI has long been the only hair transplant organization out there which

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