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Green Tea as a Hair Loss Treatment

One of the most popular herbal agents being used these days is green tea. The plant name for green tea is Camellia sinensis, which originates in China, but very popular

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Biotin and Beta-Sitosterol for hair loss

Several of our male and female users are putting their hopes in natural treatments like Beta-Sitosterol and Biotin. We asked Dr. Marty Sawaya to give her input on exactly what

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Do Natural Treatments for Hair Loss Work?

By Dr. Marty Sawaya   Natural Oral Supplements and Legitimacy There are a couple types of natural hair loss treatments.   One includes the topical natural hair loss treatments you

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MSM as a Treatment for Hair Loss?

Dr. Marty Sawaya reviews the supplement MSM, and its ability to treat hair loss, naturally… I know the internet discussion forums on the various hair loss sites have so much

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The Truth About the Dutasteride Clinical Trials

An editorial by Dr. Marty Sawaya on the truth behind why Dutasteride trials were never finished despite its effectiveness, and why a new hair loss treatment with sufficient testing may

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The Real Story Behind Hair Loss Research

Dr. Marty Sawaya speaks on everything from whats really going on in the pharmaceutical companies, in relation to hair loss research, and why it may be awhile before we see

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