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Dutasteride Side Effects – Surprisingly Low

Acording to a new major study for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, the incidence of side effects with Dutasteride was surprisingly low. See all the side effects and their prevalance in this

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The Truth About the Dutasteride Clinical Trials

An editorial by Dr. Marty Sawaya on the truth behind why Dutasteride trials were never finished despite its effectiveness, and why a new hair loss treatment with sufficient testing may

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Dutasteride Avodart Risks and Side Effects

Dr. Edwin Epstein conveys his concerns with the recent type about Avodart for the off-label treatment of hair loss, in this editorial piece written from the viewpoint of the prescribing

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Dutasteride available in the US in December

The long awaited approval of the newest treatment expected by many to outperform Propecia, Dutasteride has been approved for availability here in the United States under the brand name Avodart.

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