Does Stress Affect Hair Loss? A Study.

May 17 22:43 2016 Print This Article

Hair Loss Studies

Prolonged Telogen Stage by Footshock Stress in Mice

Study Information and Results:

It has become detected that some stress influences skin conditions, for example allergic dermatitis and transepidermal water loss.

However, the relation between stress and hair growth has not been proved.

In this study, we evaluate the influence of footshock stress on the term of hair cycle in mice. Female C57BL/6 mice, at 7-8 weeks of age were used. After the depilation of the back skin to synchronize hair cycle, each mouse received electric footshocks for an hour daily for 6 weeks and we observed haircycle stage macroscopically and histologically.

The term of first anagen stage in the stressed mice was same as in normal control mice, but the beginning of second anagen stage has delayed in the stressed mice compared to control mice. That is telogen stage has prolonged in stress mice.

We conclude that the hair cycle was delayed to prolonged telogen stage in mice, because of stress.