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NOTE: This product has been permanently discontinued. Regulatory rules do not allow for products with these ingredients to be sold online without a physician license. Our suggestion to all our customers is to contact a dermatologist. Request the phone number for a compounding pharmacy near you. Tell your physician you need 5% Spironolactone lotion custom compounded with an absorption vehicle. It is quite easy to make. The difficult part will be getting a doctor to think outside the box and be cooperative. If they refuse, just call around till you find one willing. We apologize for this inconvenience. There are other similar products online but unfortunately not any solid evidence they contain the active ingredients claimed. You can also google for tutorials on making your own topical spiro.

S5 Cream has a new, more powerful formula with ingredients to impress. S5 Cream Plus Contains:

* 5% Topical Spironolactone
* 0.05% Alfatradiol
* 0.8% Tempol

Note: An overseas affiliate processes all S5 Cream orders. HairLossTalk does not handle fulfillment of your order. When you add to card here, your request is sent to them for processing. You may add other products to cart as well. The shipping fee you see will be the only fee.

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This product also available for $10 off in a discounted combo pack: S5 Plus Cream Pack

Want to start small? Try basic S5 Cream which is just Topical Spironolactone 5% and no other active ingredients: S5 Cream

A more advanced formulation of Topical Spironolactone, containing additional ingredients requested by HairLossTalk users for many years.

Topical Spironolactone, Alfatradiol, and Tempol

We've got some serious "Hair Nerds" on HairLossTalk that could talk your ears off on what these ingredients mean, how they work, and why combining them into a new version of S5 Cream is such a big deal.  But you probably would zone out after 30 seconds, and lose interest.

If you're really dedicated to learning about this new product in-depth, then we strongly encourage you to read all of the resources and links provided on the S5 Plus Cream Expert Review we have on the main portion of the site.

Stopping Hair Loss is Imperative:

Whether you are a male or a female with thinning hair, Antiandrogens like Topical Spironolactone perform a function that directly inhibits the processes which lead to continued hair loss. Guys often take Propecia, and women are sometimes prescribed the oral version of Spironolactone.  But both of these medications can bring side effects, and make changes throughout the body, where they're not needed.  

A topical form of antiandrogens which has been used by hair loss sufferers for decades now is Spironolactone in a cream formulation.  That is what S5 Cream is.  Guys can absolutely increase their chances of success by combining it with Propecia, and women can boost their hair growth (and loss-prevention) by using Rogaine Foam along with it.  

But this product is different....

It not only contains Topical Spironolactone.  It also contains two other ingredients that powerfully affect the hair loss "process", and work synergistically with spironolactone to drastically increase the chances you will see success after 6 to 12 months of use.  

S5 Plus Cream:  A Unique Product

By themselves, Alfatradiol and Tempol will run you at least $20 to $30 USD, and good luck getting them into a stable solution which can be applied to the scalp.    S5 Plus Cream has done just that.  It is the first and only product of its kind anywhere in the world which combines these three powerful ingredients.

All promotional-sounding jargon aside:  You've really only got a couple FDA approved, clinically-proven treatments on the market.   Propecia and Rogaine.  Aside from those, there are a handful of alternative / adjunct treatments which we intentionally carry because their ingredients have scientific backing show they "do something" that prevents hair loss, or grows new hair.

But Spironolactone, Alfatradiol, and Tempol are pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that put all other "alternative" treatments to shame.  And the best part about this treatment is that its effective in both men and women with thinning hair.  

Once again we encourage you to read the S5 Plus Cream product review and this Important Note about the new ordering process for the S5 products.

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