S5 Cream: Important Ordering Information

Dear HairLossTalk Customers:

S5 Cream is produced overseas by a manufacturer that produces research chemicals for universities and medical institutions.  The overwhelming demand for access to a product like this from our users led us to finding a way to collect interest from people and send it to them.  Adding this product to your cart here is only a front-facing interface for this process.  

Your order is fulfilled by the makers of S5 Cream and not by HairLossTalk.com.


Is the New S5 Cream Any Different From the Old One?

The new product is the equivalent of the previous "S5 Bedtime Cream". This is the version which contained *no* caffeine. Everything else about the product is exactly the same, and has been manufactured with the identical "recipe" as the previous. 

Additionally there is a new "S5 Plus Cream" which contains additional ingredients heralded by our members for years to boost hair loss prevention and regrowth.  A lot of thought and science has gone into both of these products.


Where to Buy S5 Cream

Both S5 Cream products must be purchased through our store link.   This ensures you will always get HairLossTalk Member Pricing from the creators of the product.  If you do not express interest through our store each time, we can not guarantee you the current price, as it may change in the future.

Bookmark one of the following pages, and purchase by clicking the link through them, every time: S5 Cream Topical Spironolactone | S5 Plus Cream - Spironolactone Alfatradiol Tempol.