S5 Cream Pack

NOTE: This product has been permanently discontinued. Regulatory rules do not allow for products with these ingredients to be sold online without a physician license. Our suggestion to all our customers is to contact a dermatologist. Request the phone number for a compounding pharmacy near you. Tell your physician you need 5% Spironolactone lotion custom compounded with an absorption vehicle. It is quite easy to make. The difficult part will be getting a doctor to think outside the box and be cooperative. If they refuse, just call around till you find one willing. We apologize for this inconvenience. There are other similar products online but unfortunately not any solid evidence they contain the active ingredients claimed. You can also google for tutorials on making your own topical spiro.

A discounted combo pack - Save $10.00! This this quantity should last you 4-5 months at only $21 a month. S5 Cream is an incredibly effective alternative or addition to Generic Finasteride (Propecia) (men only) with no side effects. This is our most acclaimed topical antiandrogen of them all.

Note: This product is provided by an overseas affiliate. It is not manufactured nor distributed by HairLossTalk.

Includes: Three 50g containers of 5% Topical Spironolactone cream. 4-5 Month Supply.

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This discount pack also available in a: Single Jar Quantity

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There is not a more potent antiandrogen (without ANY side effects) on the market anywhere. Topical Spironolactone is one of the most popular products among our users, and for several good reasons. It is safe and effective for use in both men and women with thinning hair, and can be used along with Finasteride (men only) to enhance its benefits.

Is S5 Cream for Men and Women?

This product qualifies as one of the very few solid, scientifically backed options for men and women. There are of course antiandrogens that are administered orally which could completely cure hair loss right now. Today. The problem is - they aren't safe to ingest.

Is S5 Cream Safe?

Finasteride is the most tolerated of all the orally ingested antiandrogens, and it does a great job at stopping hair loss. It's referred to as part of the “Big Three” (a phrase coined for Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Nizoral Shampoo) that many of our users have as a foundational regimen. Spironolactone works for many women orally, but is not an option for men due to feminizing effects.

However, a topically applied, locally working version of Spironolactone is the holy grail most are seeking. So here it is. The active ingredient in this formula will only absorb locally, and effectively double the benefits seen on a Finasteride-only regimen - without the addition of any new side effects. Topical Spironolactone absorbs only into the scalp, and blocks the binding of DHT to the hair follicles, preventing it from doing any damage, and freeing up the hair to grow again naturally.

Combining S5 Cream with Other Treatments

The owner of this website has been a Topical Spironolactone user for over 10 years after discontinuing Finasteride, and has maintained a full head of hair. If you've already lost some ground and need some regrowth, you'll need to include Minoxidil with your regimen. If you just want to stop more hair loss, combining it with Finasteride or Additional Info