Fibond is a hair loss concealer product. It is not a spray, polish or hair dye. It uses natural hair fibers charged with static-electricity that strongly bond with your hair, giving you the attractive appearance of a full head of hair.

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Undetectable and Durable

Fibond won't come off in rain, wind or perspiration. It's completely undetectable even if someone is just inches from your hair. It instantly bonds to your bald spot or areas of thinning hair, giving you a natural looking thick and full head of hair until you shampoo.

Fibond is also safe to use with other hair products and can be applied after your hair loss treatments have gone on. Fibond is a break through hair loss solution that's guaranteed to work for both Men and Women.

Style to Impress

Hair Loss concealer products are a largely untapped resource with most hair loss sufferers. The images of spray-on hair commercials and other embarrassingly obvious result tend to push us away from even trying these options. Even if you're not sure about broad daylight, concealer products are outstanding for that all-important business meeting or night out on the town. Give them a try and see which works best for you. There's no reason you should go into a social situation insecure about your hair.

Over several years, lab technicians have thoroughly tested Fibond to make sure it is one of the most effective methods for concealing thinning hair. Its natural hair fibers are charged with static electricity that cause them to strongly bond together with your own hair and scalp, giving you the attractive appearance of a full head of hair. Fibond is recommended by doctors everywhere because it is completely natural and safe, unlike other methods such as hair transplants that can be painful, and noticeable.

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