VEGF Now Available as a Hair Loss Treatment

by Kevin Rands | May 13, 2016 7:22 pm

Last month we announced the press release regarding a new protein which has been proven in recent studies done on mice to increase the diameter of hair when applied topically. It is now available for purchase.

Original Story: VEGF Grows Thicker Hair[1]

Editorial Story on VEGF: Thoughts on VEGF by Kevin McElwee[2]

Where to buy VEGF:  Anastim

We received word from a source that VEGF is now available for purchase, in the form of a topical product called “Anastim[3]“, which contains an ingredient called RTH16. This ingredient is said to help stimulate the body’s own production of VEGF – which as you can see in the article above, is a natural ingredient that also has been shown to increase the diameter of the hairs.

HairlossTalk is pursuing acquiring this product to add to our Online Product Center[4] in the near future, if it proves to be a useful treatment.

Please note! VEGF stimulating compounds have not been clinically proven to work for male pattern baldness[5] in any trials on human subjects, nor has there been any safety testing involved.

Use extreme caution and do your research before you take any actions.

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