Tricomin goes Retail – Exclusive Interview

Tricomin goes Retail – Exclusive Interview
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HairlossTalk Interviews ProCyte on their recent deal with American Crew to distribute copper peptide products in a Retail version of Tricomin…

Makers of Tricomin® team with American Crew to bring Hair Loss treatments into salons July 8, 2001 – San Diego, CA

The days of hair stylists touting nothing but Nioxin, a very unproven product for hair loss, may be numbered. One of the only other clinically tested and efficacious treatments for thinning hair has finally broken into the mainstream. ProCyte, makers of Tricomin® and owners of the AHK Copper Peptide method of hair growth stimulation patent have signed a deal with American Crew to distribute their copper peptide technology in salons across the country to help those seeking relief from thinning hair.

Tricomin – a product we all know and respect as being one of the only other alternatives to Rogaine and Propecia that truly has undergone some rigorous clinical testing and has shown good results with hundreds of thousands of users, uses a technology known as “AHK Copper Peptide” technology. The idea behind AHK Copper Peptide is an artificial shortening of the resting phase of the follicle, thereby bringing more follicles into growth phase, resulting in thicker, fuller hair. It is a technology that performed quite well in physician directed studies.

ProCyte announced a long term license and supply agreements with American Crew, a division of The Colomer Group, for use of its patented AHK Copper Peptide Complex for hair care products for sale in the hair and beauty salon and day spa marketplaces. The agreements cover the United States and certain international markets and provide ProCyte with milestone and royalty payments that include minimum payment levels.
HairlossTalk spoke with Robin Carmichael, Vice President of marketing for ProCyte Corporation, and got the inside scoop on what’s to come.

HairlossTalk: Tell us a little about what American Crew plans to do with your products? As we understand it, they won’t actually be distributing Tricomin® itself, but something different?

RCarmichael: That’s correct, American Crew will be taking our Copper Peptide technology and putting it into their own formulation and shampoo’s.

HairlossTalk: What exactly will be different about these new American Crew products in comparison to Tricomin®?

RCarmichael: Probably the concentrations are going to be different, and the various ingredients that they put in their formulations will be different. Ours is a fairly medical approach to the hair care arena. The Tricomin® products are really great hair care products products in addition to providing the benefits of Triamino Copper ComplexTM, but I think that American Crew will probably look more towards performance based styling ability and some of the other aspects that you see in salon products as they incorporate our technology into some of their products. They don’t currently have a product in their line that’s specifically for thinning hair, so this benefits both companies. It gives them the opportunity for expanding their product line into a new niche, and gives us the opportunity to bring the AHK Copper Peptide technology into the salon marketplace. As you’re aware, Minoxidil has already moved into the salon arena under the “John Paul Mitchell / Rogaine” combo package, so I think it gives American Crew and opportunity to do something similar. American Crew has a terrific brand image and top quality top products, so we are very excited about this partnership.”

HairlossTalk: Any ideas on what kind of products they plan to incorporate this hair growing technology into?

RCarmichael: I don’t know exactly what their product line will be. It will probably be several products with AHK Copper Peptide. They are the leader in men’s grooming products, and are very responsive to bringing to the consumer products that fit a need, and are performance driven. The general concept will be hair care products.

HairlossTalk: Do you think these products will be as effective as Tricomin Therapy spray? Will they have formulations which will make them useful for those with thinning hair?

RCarmichael: I think they probably will. I can’t really comment on the specific formulations because I don’t know their exact plan, but I think that they would want to be able to market something that has some basis for making claims. As you’re aware, because Tricomin® is a cosmetic product in as much as that’s how we’re choosing to market it, we don’t make claims that it grows hair.

HairlossTalk: What type of international distribution is expected?

RCarmichael: Basically wherever American Crew distributes. American Crew has a wide variety of distribution channels which of course include the United States, Europe, and Asia. You can expect to start seeing these particular products sometime in early 2002 in salons.

HairlossTalk: How will they be identified?

RCarmichael: I imagine they will be marketed as a new product line under the American Crew brand with some sort of identification as a product for thinning hair. I don’t have the exact name of the product line at this time.

HairlossTalk: As we all know, it seems that Nioxin products are the only one’s truly being touted as a treatment for hair loss in Salons across the country. Those of us who have done research on the efficacy of Nioxin know that it’s far less proven than copper peptide technology at stimulating hair growth. How can our users help get these new products into salons when they become available?

RCarmichael: They can ask their salons to inquire about the new American Crew thinning hair Category products which will be available at that time. The salons can contact the standard American Crew distribution channels to see about obtaining them for their inventory in the salon.

HairlossTalk: What is in store for ProCyte in the hair loss industry in the coming years?

RCarmichael: In the future we are looking more so into the hair transplant arena, and creating products centered around this type of skin and hair treatment. We’re currently in pause mode when it comes to continuing development of Tricomin® related products, in order to help American Crew focus on getting their product line up and going. We’re seeing a lot of exciting things in the area of copper peptide technology that’s not just limited to hair health. It’s effect on things such as improving the appearance of aging skin, enhancing collagen and helping with hyper pigmentation as well as with wound healing in general, are just some of the benefits. Many of these will help people who have recently undergone hair transplant procedures or laser resurfacing.

HairlossTalk: Any chance of ProCyte completing the FDA Trials for Tricomin®?

RCarmichael: We’re potentially looking in the long term at returning to the FDA to establish further clinical trials on the Tricomin® products. We’re thinking of presenting them into the trials possibly with higher concentrations, and / or determining the effects of some different dynamic delivery systems.

HairlossTalk: Could you elaborate more on what you mean by Delivery Systems?

RCarmichael: An example is how some Retin-A / Tretinoin products have found ways to optimize the delivery of the product to improve effectiveness by making use of a micro sponge. By delivery I mean improving absorption. This tool not only helped absorption but also was able to limit the skin irritation for those applying it. We’re going to be looking at new ways to maximize the delivery of the AHK Copper Peptide technology in the coming months, either by doing some studies on the effectiveness of a micro sponge for topical application or combining the product with another vehicle. As far as what product that may be, we’ll be looking for something that qualifies as a targeted delivery mechanism. However, these are long term possibilities, not something that would be happening in the next 12 to 18 months.”

American Crew’s new products will target both men and women with thinning hair, and with an already well established distribution channel of over 35,000 salons in the US and over 40 countries in the world, it’s safe to say that one huge step has been made in bringing legitimate treatments off the internet and into the public eye.

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