S5 Plus Cream – Tempol Content Reduced for Stability

by Kevin Rands | May 12, 2017 3:11 pm

Just a quick note to all current (and future?) S5 Plus Cream[1] users.  Up until this point we’d published that the contents of S5 Plus Cream were as follows:

Spironolactone 5%
Alfatradiol 0.05%
Tempol 3.5%

This is in fact how the solution was created, but after some time, it became apparent that in order to maintain the solution in its glorious, lustrous, absolutely perfect texture (which they worked for weeks trying to perfect), the amount of Tempol needed to be reduced to 0.8% (basically 1%).  In fact, even when 3.5% Tempol is introduced to the solution, it degrades itself to about 0.8% due to the preparation methods.

I confirmed with resident bio-chem expert “Swoop” (aka Swooping) as to whether 1% versus 3.5% would have any significant effect on people’s hair status, and it was an unequivocal and clear “no”.  Not a lot of Tempol is needed to do its job, so all is well.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

We also discussed the protective effects ascorbic acid plays on preventing the degradation of Tempol during heating and preparation, to help stabilize it.  So there’s a possibility if they add Vitamin C to the solution, they’ll end up with a higher Tempol content after heating.

In any case, just wanted to do a little “PSA” to everyone as they continue moving forward to perfect the cream.  So now the percentages for S5 Plus Cream are:

Spironolactone 5%
Alfatradiol 0.05%
Tempol 0.8%  (basically 1%)

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