S5 Plus Cream – Tempol Content Reduced for Stability

S5 Plus Cream – Tempol Content Reduced for Stability
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Just a quick note to all current (and future?) S5 Plus Cream users.  Up until this point we’d published that the contents of S5 Plus Cream were as follows:

Spironolactone 5%
Alfatradiol 0.05%
Tempol 3.5%

This is in fact how the solution was created, but after some time, it became apparent that in order to maintain the solution in its glorious, lustrous, absolutely perfect texture (which they worked for weeks trying to perfect), the amount of Tempol needed to be reduced to 0.8% (basically 1%).  In fact, even when 3.5% Tempol is introduced to the solution, it degrades itself to about 0.8% due to the preparation methods.

I confirmed with resident bio-chem expert “Swoop” (aka Swooping) as to whether 1% versus 3.5% would have any significant effect on people’s hair status, and it was an unequivocal and clear “no”.  Not a lot of Tempol is needed to do its job, so all is well.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

We also discussed the protective effects ascorbic acid plays on preventing the degradation of Tempol during heating and preparation, to help stabilize it.  So there’s a possibility if they add Vitamin C to the solution, they’ll end up with a higher Tempol content after heating.

In any case, just wanted to do a little “PSA” to everyone as they continue moving forward to perfect the cream.  So now the percentages for S5 Plus Cream are:

Spironolactone 5%
Alfatradiol 0.05%
Tempol 0.8%  (basically 1%)

Read more About the S5 Cream Products

Not sure what S5 Cream is, or why its so awesome?  Here are some helpful links:

Ideas or Suggestions?

If you have any requests, ideas, or suggestions for topical compounds that might have benefits for hair loss, please post your comments in the comments area below.  I’ve heard a lot of ideas bandied around like Minoxidil + Spiro, and some others.

Get the conversation going – and I’ll make sure to direct the manufacturer here to see if they can make some of them.

You don’t need to set up an account, and you can probably use a fake email – unless you want to get alerts about replies.

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  1. Yoda
    May 12, 15:55 #1 Yoda

    A high strength compounded minoxidil solution that mimics Dr. Lee’s (Xandrox). I’ve tried everything since Lee took a dump and nothing can compare (Murray Ave 15%,30%,Promox, Polaris Labs, Dulgen, etc. etc.) My hair took a big hit after Lee went away and nothing else comes comes close to his products. Can give you more specifics if you’d like.

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    • HairLossTalk
      May 12, 17:22 HairLossTalk

      Definitely. Be as specific as you like. Made this article intentionally short so that people can “expound” here. Go for it!

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      • Yoda
        May 13, 15:08 Yoda

        I’m a forum lurker, not a poster as their are too many argumentative, know it all’s with odd agendas on the site. I’ve been fighting hair loss for close to 40 years, started thinning at age 17, now 54 with NW 3. Genetic dictate that I should have been horse show bald many years ago. I have been on Minoxidil since 1985, without interruption of a daily recommended routine. Dr. Peter Panagotacos of San Francisco prescribed and had compounded 2% before UpJohn introduced it as a 2% RX med. Then he came up with 5% before Upjohn released, next onto Dr. Lee’s products which gave me outstanding results. Dr. Lee kept me at about an NW1.5 for years. Since his demise I’ve tried all the aforementioned products and more, even PRP/CRP with Dr. Greco but still continue to loose ground. Switched from 1 mg of Finasteride (after 20 years) to Dut about a year ago, Loss has stabilized but no regrowth, even with Murray Ave 30%. Either I’m too old or Dr. Lee had the holy grail. His Xandrox ingredients were: 15% Minoxidil, 5% Azelaic Acid, 0.025% Betamethasone Valerate and 0.1 Finasteride. I can’t confirm that possibly Xandrox also included benzyl nicotinate. Dr. Lee’s formulas did not contain propylene glycol, he used glycerin instead. His ssolutions were a clear, yellowish liquid that stayed in suspension, the ingredients did not crystallize. Hope this is helpful, let me know if I can be of further assistance. Godspeed to the overseas manufacturers!

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  2. Yellowbluegrey
    May 13, 10:48 #2 Yellowbluegrey

    Yeah agree with recreating Dr. Lee’s stuff; I’ve never tried it, but from all my time on hairloss boards, people talk about it so much it’s like a urban legend now. Would love to try it and I guarantee thousands of other would jump on it too.

    I think it’s an amazing idea to open up the discussion for topicals, you guys seem like you can work fast and don’t overcharge. I’ll leave the in depth discussion for the maniacs on this site, but I’d be really interested in seeing Dr Lee’s stuff, or maybe even something incorporating seti or even CB…

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    • HairLossTalk
      May 13, 11:10 HairLossTalk

      I hear this a lot. Resurrect Dr. Lee’s entire line. We wouldn’t be able to do it, but the manufacturer overseas probably could do whatever they want.

      They have seen this page, and are going to evaluate options. If they do make everything again, we of course will let everyone know where to go, to get it. It wont be for sale here but we’ll advertise it.

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  3. Rick
    October 10, 16:30 #3 Rick

    Some of your articles, like Dutasteride, are ancient with references to 2002. Makes one think it’s new information in 2017.

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