New Topical Spironolactone Treatments for Hair Loss

by Kevin Rands | May 14, 2017 2:47 pm

There’s a new treatment on the shelves (for both men and women) that works to prevent further hair loss, and allow your other treatments to stimulate new growth.  And it’s better than any we’ve added in years.  It’s Topical Spironolactone Cream[1] (aka S5 Cream) and though HairLossTalk will not be handling any portion of the sale, billing, manufacturing of the product, another company overseas has decided to start manufacturing it, so we are hooking you up.

The Science Behind S5 Cream

We encourage you to check out this informative discussion with Dr. Richard Lee about topical spironolactone, and why its beneficial for the treatment of hair loss:

New Odorless Topical Spironolactone Lotion[2]

What is S5 Cream?

Both the S5 and S5 Plus are in the class of topical antiandrogens.  Antiandrogens are known for their ability to block the causes of hair loss, which typically stops further loss over long periods of time (years).  For reference, Propecia is an oral antiandrogen that you take in the form of a tablet, and which can have undesirable side effects.  Likewise, it is not for use in women.  Topical Spironolactone technically is an “androgen blocker”.

This means that while Finasteride / Propecia is treating hair loss by inhibiting your DHT, the receptors which DHT attaches to and does its most damage, are blocked by Spironolactone.  Its a receptor blocker.  Because of this, S5 Cream is completely complementary to a Finasteride regimen.

S5 and S5 Plus are topical lotions which only need to be applied in a very thin layer to the affected areas of your scalp.  And that’s it.  From there it does its job at performing some incredible feats in hair loss prevention.

How Do you Apply S5 Cream?

Glad you asked.  We’ve written a full article with tips and tricks for applying S5 Cream[3] to a hair-bearing scalp, as well as some important information on storage, application frequency, and styling tips.

Will S5 or S5 Plus Cream Regrow Hair?

The answer to this is the same as other antiandrogens like Finasteride:   Possibly.  Propecia is well known to stop hair loss from progressing.  So guys who want to maintain with a slight chance of regrowth use it.  The same would be said about the S5 Creams.  They are antiandrogens, and as such, they are working to inhibit further loss.

And don’t take that lightly – I know guys who have been on a regimen of antiandrogens alone for 20 years and still have all their hair.  Obviously you can add a growth stimulant like Minoxidil[4] or Tricomin[5] to take advantage of your hairs newfound freedom to grow healthy again.

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Is S5 Cream Similar to Topical Finasteride?

The science behind Topical Spironolactone 5% cream is well known, and both men and women have been using it for years as a mandatory adjunct to their regimen.  Some equate it to a “Topical Propecia” but its a little different than that.

Since it’s an androgen blocker, it does something completely different, but with the same goal in mind.  Androgen blockers are synergistic to what Finasteride does internally, but without side effects, and its topical formula allows women to take advantage of it as well.

But that’s exactly there is another product known as S5 Plus Cream.  Ingredients are added to this enhanced formula which enable it to be both an androgen blocker and a “topical finasteride” (in effect) at the same time.

The hard science on what these things do can be found in the two links immediately below.  But simply put, in a world of hair loss treatments that “might” work?   This one does.  And it does so without any side effects.  Having S5 Cream[6] in your regimen is almost mandatory, and the owner of this site has used it for more than 10 years to stop his hair loss, and maintain.

Please see the following product review pages for more information on both.

S5 Cream[7] | S5 Plus Cream[8]

What’s this “S5 Plus” Cream Stuff?

S5 Cream is one product.  But now there’s also S5 Plus Cream.  This is Topical Spiro with some muscles added.  It has Alfatradiol and Tempol in it as well.  If I were to try and explain to you why this is such a big freaking deal, you would pass out from the boring hair-nerd-ness of the science behind it all.

Let’s just say that really smart people have been discussing Alfatradiol and Tempol[9] for literally years on our forums, and trying to source it as a topical for their hair loss.  One forum user referred to it as equivalent to Propecia, but topical and therefore no side effects.

Its interesting to note that Topical Spironolactone[10] is an Androgen Blocker.  This means it competes for receptor sites where the scary DHT stuff attaches and harms your follicles.  Then you’ve got Propecia which actually reduces quantity of DHT in your bloodstream and tissues.  So the two of them really work synergistically and are 100% complementary to eachother.

Buy S5 Plus Cream[11]

What is Alfatradiol in S5 Plus Cream?

At the risk of simplifying things too much, you can consider it akin to “Topical Finasteride”.  It has been shown to directly reduce the tissue-DHT in the scalp, with none of the side effects of Propecia.

For guys who are sensitive to Finasteride side effects, S5 Plus Cream[12] could be a way for you to reproduce the Propecia+Spiro Regimen all in one topical.  For guys who are on Propecia and doing just fine, well, this gives you a “localized” boost for DHT inhibition.  Meanwhile the Spironolactone will do its job blocking the receptors.

As for the Tempol?  Well that’s even more complex to explain.  Just take our word for it:  Its yet another incredibly interesting angle to hit the whole “Androgenetic Alopecia” problem from.  If you want to know more of the detailed science on both of these, we will be building out the following page with all the data and information we can find on the topic here:  S5 Plus Cream – Experts Review[13].

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