S5 Topical Spironolactone Cream Has Returned

S5 Topical Spironolactone Cream Has Returned
November 08 14:47 2016 Print This Article

Did you catch the LL Cool J reference or am I just seriously old?

We are extremely happy to announce that S5 Cream is once again available for purchase online.  HairLossTalk will not be handling any portion of the sale, billing, manufacturing of the product, but fortunately this is a big wide world, and another company overseas has decided to start manufacturing it again.  So we are hooking you up.

We negotiated with them a special price for HairLossTalk Members, but you must order through links found on our store (which really just sit on a couple “placehodler” pages).

Please bookmark these pages and order through them, ongoing:

S5 Cream | S5 Plus Cream

This will ensure that you get the current price forever, as they may increase over time for other customers.

Please be sure you also review this page for important information on the new products.

What’s this “S5 Plus” Cream Stuff?

Glad you asked.  We’ve managed to talk them into creating a Topical Spironolactone product that has Alfatradiol and Tempol in it as well.  If I were to try and explain to you why this is such a big freaking deal, you would pass out from the boring hair-nerd-ness of the science behind it all.  Let’s just say that really smart people have been discussing Alfatradiol and Tempol for literally years on our forums, and trying to source it as a topical for their hair loss.  One forum user referred to it as equivalent to Propecia, but topical and therefore no side effects.

Its interesting to note that Topical Spironolactone is an Androgen Blocker.  This means it competes for receptor sites where the scary DHT stuff attaches and harms your follicles.  Then you’ve got Propecia which actually reduces quantity of DHT in your bloodstream and tissues.  So the two of them really work synergistically and are 100% complementary to eachother.

So what’s Alfatradiol?  At the risk of simplifying things too much, you can consider it akin to a “Topical Propecia”.  It has been shown to directly reduce the tissue-DHT in the scalp, with none of the side effects of Propecia.

For guys who are sensitive to Finasteride side effects, S5 Plus Cream could be a way for you to reproduce the Propecia+Spiro Regimen all in one topical.  For guys who are on Propecia and doing just fine, well, this gives you a “localized” boost for DHT inhibition.  Meanwhile the Spironolactone will do its job blocking the receptors.

As for the Tempol?  Well that’s even more complex to explain.  Just take our word for it:  Its yet another incredibly interesting angle to hit the whole “Androgenetic Alopecia” problem from.  If you want to know more of the detailed science on both of these, we will be building out the following page with all the data and information we can find on the topic here:  S5 Plus Cream – Experts Review.

Important Info on the New S5 Cream

Since I know you’re going to be lazy and not reat that important information link I posted above, let me scream through its contents really quickly, so I know you’re aware:  The new S5 is the same formula as the previous “S5 Bedtime” cream, which means no caffeine.  The manufacturer is shipping from overseas so its about $25, but this $25 is flat rate, so you can order any quantity and it will never increase.  You have to pay with PayPal, but PayPal has a “Debit/Credit Card” button that you can click and just use your credit card.  And shipping is going to take a long time, which isn’t great news, but its the price we pay for living in a country that feels the need to “protect us from ourselves” by making it illegal for us to get things we need sometimes.  Oh yeah – and that whole thing about making sure you order from the S5 Cream links on our store always.  Super important.

Other Brands of Topical Spironolactone

So I’m just going to keep this real and be blunt.  There’s another website out there claiming to have a Topical Spironolactone product.  You may or may not have heard about it, but we’ve received numerous complaints about the product not arriving, no response from the site owner, and products arriving “separated” (not mixed or prepared properly).  I personally contacted the owner of this site three different times to discuss his Topical Spironolactone product, and he did not respond.  We then found that he’d literally stolen all the content from our S5 Cream Page and pasted it onto his store as his “product description”.  Including the part where I was blathering on about how I’ve been using it as the owner of this site for 7 years, etc.

Usually not good signs for someone you’ve got to trust to make a treatment you can rely on.

The product being received separated and not properly mixed is of greatest concern to me though.   In order to properly make S5 Cream, it needs to be heated to a certain temperature, and some pretty advanced science needs to go down before it will cool and stay properly mixed.  More importantly, if this guy is taking shortcuts, and mixing the stuff in his kitchen with a spatula, then the chances that he’s including *absorption* vehicles that actually work, are slim to none.  That means it may just sit on your scalp and not do a darn thing.

Needless to say I would strongly recommend that you not purchase from this particular website, even though I can’t say the name of it.  We are only supporting this current manufacturer because I personally emailed them the formula and I know they have the facilities to create products like these, because they do it for countless other products on a large scale.  If some more reputable sources come online in the future, we will definitely let you know, because we will definitely be sending them customers on a regular basis either way.

This particular site though which starts with “whole…” – I would avoid.  I’m not a fan of people who steal content.

Cheers – and any order issues, please use the contact form on the manufacturers website.

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  • Vaalid

    Genuine question… Why is this product not the biggest thing in mens hair loss? What’s holding it back if all of what you’re saying is true?

    Finasteride like effects without the sides is basically the holy grail of male pattern baldness, surely Kirkland or Rogaine or somebody like that would have been all over this stuff years ago? Imagine a minoxidil/s5 mix topical would fly off the shelves if they could formulate it, even just their own s5 would do well.

    At one point you literally say ‘just take our word for it’ – I really want to believe all of this but right now you haven’t really got me sold. Why not just provide a couple of links to the data on this article for those of us who want to check it out?

    • HairLossTalk

      Spironolactone is a powerful antiandrogen treatment that has been prescribed by doctors for decades, for that very purpose. Just like people who entertain the idea of a topical finasteride to “act locally”, people have used topical spironolactone to try and attain some localized benefit without the systemic absorption seen in oral tablets. It’s really as simple as that.

      This isn’t some random new ingredient that HLT just decided to rant and rave about one day. Everyone knows about Spironolactone and women with thinning hair are routinely prescribed it by doctors. Its well-established.

      Spironolactone has been used topically by acne sufferers for decades for the exact same reason it would be beneficial for hair loss. Local inhibition of androgen activity in the skin.

      In this hair loss world we don’t really have a lot of options for viable antiandrogen treatments. I said “Just take our word for it” because when I delve into the science too much, people here tune-out. It wasn’t some weird attempt to deceive anyone. People want an authoritative website that has been around for 20 years to tell them what’s legit and what’s not. There’s an element of trust here since we’ve been doing this since 1999 and have a 100% clean record. If you have concerns that you’re being lied to, I doubt showing you data will be sufficient. Such people tend to find exceptions to everything.

      Also: there are plenty of experimental topical (and oral) treatments that guys are using on the Forums which the “established medical community” hasn’t formulated into a “best seller”.

      If that’s your criteria then nothing is going to impress you except Propecia and Rogaine. Azelaic Acid, RU58841, Topical Finasteride, Dutasteride, Copper Peptides, Herbal concoctions that have solid science backing them, Dermarolling, and more recently, JAK3 inhibitors (a topical version of an established autoimmune drug) are being entertained for AGA. Getting a medication approved by the FDA takes hundreds of millions and takes 10+ years. As a result, guys constantly are hunting for solutions in the myriads of antiandrogen chemicals out there and trying them out.

      What’s our criteria? The item needs to be a potent antiandrogen. At that point the question is whether it can be properly absorbed. Again – there are literally hundreds of flashy, highly marketed snake oils on the market we should be focusing skepticism on. Topical Spironolactone is absolutely not one of them. I will however take your suggestion and post some data, but if you don’t share the mentality that its helpful topically for hair loss because its been shown to be a powerful antiandrogen orally for hair loss, then there’s not much that can be said.

      • “Just like people who entertain the idea of a topical finasteride to “act locally”, people have used topical spironolactone to try and attain some localized benefit without the systemic absorption seen in oral tablets. It’s really as simple as that. This isn’t a random new ingredient that HLT just decided to rant and rave about one day.
        Everyone knows about Spironolactone and women with androgenetic alopecia thinning hair are routinely prescribed it by doctors. Men would be too, but its too strong of an antiandrogen to be taken orally by a male. So topical is used instead with guys. I personally used it for 10 years and had no side effects that I was aware of.”
        ten years of topical spiro gave you your hair back or nah? im willing to give it a try if it works. im 28 an a nw5 – and i had a FUE transpant who went to shit for some reason.

        • HLTGRP

          Hey its me HairLossTalk – this Discus plugin has me logged in as all kinds of weird names. I’ve got a personal account on Discus too – so anyways – I have always been in prevention mode. I went on finasteride literally within 2 months of my hair starting to fall out all over my pillow. I did not wait. So I did 3.5 years of Finasteride and then did Spironolactone / Nizoral / Revivogen on and off in the years after. So did it give me my hair “back” ? Not technically, because I wasn’t trying to regrow. But I am now 42 and have a full head of hair. And all I have done for the last 17 years is use antiandrogens in some form to keep the hair on my scalp.

          • hey. i’ll the same answer,then – thanks. i’ll check it out with my doc if i can do both finasteride gel and spiro gel : id like to avoid taking both in pills and see where it goes.

    • HairLossTalk

      “Imagine a minoxidil/s5 mix topical would fly off the shelves if they could formulate it”

      It’s in the works by the same manufacturer and we will be linking people to it soon-ish (several weeks)

  • so what is better,topical finasteride or topical spiro? im using the first, would give a try to the latter if it would work.
    id really like to avoid taking pills tho

    • HLTGRP

      Both. Believe it or not. One is a DHT inhibitor (the Finasteride). The other is an androgen receptor blocker (the Spironolactone). So this is the one time it can honestly be stated that you have a “synergistic” effect going on. Stopping hair loss is a process of both stopping the formation of DHT, and blocking the ability for existing DHT to attach to the follicle. The Spironolactone stops the attaching. The Finasteride stops the formation of the hormone locally. So they are a great combination.

      • hey. i’ll give the same answer,then – thanks. i’ll check it out with my doc if i can do both finasteride gel and spiro gel : id like to avoid taking both in pills and see where it goes. (2)