Have S5 Cream & Plus Ingredients Been Tested for Legitimacy?

by Kevin Rands | May 13, 2017 8:18 pm

Yes.  Both the S5 Cream and the S5 Plus cream were independently tested by a lab both for the presence of the expected active ingredients, and the exact concentrations of those ingredients.

Expected concentration of the active ingredient Spironolactone in the basic S5 Cream product is 5%.

Expected concentrations of the active ingredients in S5 Plus Cream were:

Is S5 Cream Legit?

After we received several emails from people asking about this, and also seeing several posts on the discussion forums conveying doubts (turns out, people are just suspicious in general), we had the products tested.

Jars were randomly selected from a shipment that was sent to our warehouse without the manufacturer knowing, and directly shipped to the testing lab.

S5 Cream Ingredients Tested

S5 Cream Ingredients Tested – Lab Results (PDF)[1]

S5 Plus Cream Ingredients Tested

S5 Plus Cream Ingredients Tested – Lab Results (PDF)[2]

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