Revivogen Updates from Real Users

Revivogen Updates from Real Users
April 29 19:58 2016 Print This Article

Revivogen Hair loss treatment – several consumers report their results

As promised, we have been tracking (now over 60) Revivogen users since June 2000, and finally contacted the first very small group of 4 people who were among our first tracked participants. Among the four only two have responded to the Survey we sent out to them. Here are the responses:

How long on Revivogen? – Only 3 Months
What other treatments are you using? – I have started using Proxiphen-N with Nano shampoo
What type of hair loss do you have? – Back of the head and frontal/sides
What is your age? – 34
What kind of results have you seen?

Very little improvement – shedding increased initially but has now gone back to what it was before starting the revivogen. Basically it has not worked for me – although the logic behind it seems sound. My conclusion is that DHT may not be the causative agent for all cases of hairloss. I think i fit into this category. I will continue to use it for 6 months (I asked them and they said it can take up to 6 months before any signs are apparent. If after 6 months – they say it wont work for you).

I still think it must be immune response which is causing the problem – but as far as i am aware Revivogen doesn’t address the immune response problem – so there might be case for adding something that can also help overcome the immune response – that could help. I am looking for something that can help in that area – i think Dr Proctors Prescription Proxiphen might be the one. I would suggest that Revivogen is not sufficient in itself but should be used with additional treatments. This is what I am trying I will keep you informed. By the way thanks for taking an interest – not in me – but in seeing how people are getting on with the respective treatments.


How long on Revivogen? – 9 Months
What other treatments are you using? – I use 5% Rogaine for about 1 1/2 years now. It hadn’t given me any new growth and probably kept me from losing any though. I also use Proscar for about 1 year. No results with that either.
What type of hair loss do you have? – I had pretty extensive thinning along the entire top and crown, with a tuft in the front unchanged. I wore a hair replacement for 10 years to hide this fact.
What is your age? – 46
What kind of results have you seen?

I’ve had dramatic results with Revivogen (really!) The entire top has filled in with complete coverage and the crown has a thinner complete cover, which is getting coarser and thicker every month. The hair that I had that was thinning was very fine. Now it is darker and way thicker in diameter. I had several shedding phases 4 months ago. I think I was just getting rid of the older shrunken diameter hairs and new coarser hairs came back to take their place. I would be willing to have pictures taken if you don’t show my face. I have some before pictures before Revivogen. My only complaint, although I’m really not as bothered by it now was itching. It used to itch quite a bit. Now it has calmed down to not that noticeable. I have a theory though. I think the itching is a good thing. It caused me to massage my hair 5-10 times a day vigorously. That took the itching away and it could be a coincidence but, with that massage the growth escalated in about 2 months to where my wife was amazed. I use Toppik in the crown and I’m thinking I may not have to use that in a year or so.



Steven has agreed to provide photo’s of his hair, before and after. We will update you in future newsletters when we get them. We followed up with him regarding what his comments are if some people feel he is not for real. Here is what he had to say:

“I am just an average Joe and have no affiliation with Revivogen. I did contact them a few times (the first few times I was concerned about shedding) they told me to keep using Rogaine 5% twice a day as I had been or I would most likely shed those protected hairs. I understand everyone’s skepticism. I was plenty frustrated until this year. I read the newsgroups daily and haven’t had an interest in them since this regrowth started to happen. I also have had transplant work done in the hairline by NHI Doctor Roy Jones. After the procedure I was dismayed to see quite a bit of shock fall out on top and in the crown. The Revivogen and Rogaine and Proscar (which is quite an extensive treatment) regrew back all the shock fall out and substantially more. I only wish I would have waited to get the transplants until after I saw this growth with Revivogen. It may have regrown the hair in the front. I’ll never know now since it’s all transplanted (very good job) in the front hairline. With a little Toppik in the crown my hair loss is virtually undetectable now. This is a far cry from 2 years ago.”

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