Revivogen MD User Updates

Revivogen MD User Updates
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We have been tracking (now over 100) Revivogen users since June 2000, and have contacted the next small group of people who began treatment during the first half of June. Assuming they continued treatment, this should be their 4 to 5 month status report. Out of 11 people emailed, only 3 opted to fill out the questionnaire. Here are the responses…

How long on Revivogen?4 Months
What other treatments are you using?None
What type of hair loss do you have?NA
What is your age?NA
What kind of results have you seen?I think the hair loss has slowed a bit since using the product, but I have not experienced ANY regrowth.


Revivogen User Experience

How long on Revivogen?1 Month – I used it as directed for about 4/5ths of one of the two bottles I ordered.
What other treatments are you using?Nothing during use. Had stopped finasteride (tapered of slowly) prior to starting it.
What type of hair loss do you have?I am between a Norwood 2 and 3, with a high hairline.
What is your age?30
What kind of results have you seen?I tapered off of finasteride over a period of about 3 to 4 weeks, and ordered Revivogen, which I began toward the end of the 3-4 week period. I used it as directed, but the recession seemed to continue.

The one and only reason I stopped using Revivogen was because its method of action was claimed to be similar to finasteride, and I was deathly afraid that I was having a delayed hyperandro reflex from the finasteride that was causing the new loss. No one could seem to give me any evidence or guarantee as to whether the Revivogen itself — though a topical, not systemic treatment — could possibly be having a negative effect on my follicles and induce the same type of loss I was afraid the finasteride was causing. I would dearly love to use a topical product rather than propecia, and was hoping Revivogen was it, but I have to see more evidence that it couldn’t exacerbate my loss.

I will say that my hair in the areas it was applied looked and felt great after several weeks when I’d shampoo in the morning; if nothing else the stuff is an amazing conditioner.

I was not seeking regrowth with my treatment, by the way, I simply wanted to maintain what I had using a topical treatment. I would still be happy with that. My only other request would be for some type of a pump or spray applicator, although I imagine that would take some mixing with something else for volume and may defeat the effect of the product. Another option I’d like to see is some kind of a cream or gel-based product that could perhaps be massaged in to the hairline and rubbed through the hair. The dropper method just seemed to be difficult to apply all over, I felt as though the hair itself absorbed much of it, and maybe a spray/pump or gel/cream could be better massaged into the scalp and left overnight.

If anyone can give me feedback on my concerns about it exacerbating loss, I’d be very appreciative.


Revivogen User Experience

How long on Revivogen?5 Months
What other treatments are you using?Propecia
What type of hair loss do you have?Recession at the Temples and Thinning at the top
What is your age?31
What kind of results have you seen?I’ve seen absolutely no good results. The crown has remained the same, but the front and top has gotten worse.


Revivogen User Experience

How long on Revivogen?Just over 4 Months
What other treatments are you using?Also using Nano Shampoo and Proxiphen Daily
What type of hair loss do you have?On Temples and back of head
What is your age?34
What kind of results have you seen?Shedding occurred heavily during the first 6 weeks then slowed down a lot but at about 4 months it returned and as of now has abated again. Hairloss still continues with my hair in a worse condition than when i started.

I must confess that i do see tiny unpigmented hairs in the temple regions which are very difficult to see but they are still there and appear to be getting longer. However, I am not convinced, yet, that these will remain – they are still there at the moment. Most people will recognize that when your hair falls out it is replaced my a smaller and thinner hair and then disappears altogether. These hairs at the front may well be these and therefore may disappear.
If they get thicker and longer than I will consider that something positive is happening. At the moment i would say that my condition is not improving but getting worse. I think that i will not be able to give a proper reasonably fair assessment till next month. I will report back then.

In conclusion, not very happy with Revivogen but still have hopes that I could see some improvement over the next 2 months or so.


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