Revivogen 72% Effective Treating Hair Loss

Revivogen 72% Effective Treating Hair Loss
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In Consumer Trials of Revivogen users (most of which on the treatment 6 months or more), 72% reported maintenance or additional regrowth.

Several pages of data and reports from verified consumers who purchased Revivogen directly from us, and tracked their results after several months of use. We’ve got all the data tallied, and the results are in!

Revivogen shows 72% Effectiveness at Maintaining or Regrowing hair July 15, 200x – San Diego, CA

In Consumer Trials of Revivogen users (most of which on the treatment 6 months or more), 72% reported maintenance or additional regrowth. HairLossTalk committed to its users over the past year to track the “known” Revivogen users, and inform you of their progress on the treatment. “Known” users are those whom we have verifiable proof are actually purchasing and using the treatment on an ongoing basis. Allowing only these people to respond to the questionnaires enables us to completely eliminate the possibility of fraudulent feedback.

HairlossTalk compiled a list of Revivogen users and tracked their progress. These results are the combination of both our 24 tracked users and another 26 users Revivogen has tracked.

Not only do we commit to you that every single one of these respondents are legit, but though some wished not to have their email addresses divulged – you may contact us to contact them directly at any time.

The most Comprehensive on the Web

While HairlossTalk was compiling its own list of users, Revivogen was doing the same. The results of that survey was sent to HairlossTalk and 3 other known hair loss sites for presentation to users.

Why is ours the most comprehensive survey on the web? We have another 24 survey results that you will not see anywhere else – from our own list of tracked users. We only asked people who had been on the treatment for more than 6 months to reply. Those that weren’t on it that long have been identified, so keep your eyes open for them.

50 Separate Users! See the overall percentage of responders to Revivogen, the trends between the duration of treatment to level of responsiveness, including graphs and charts reflecting the various aspects of the trials.

Note! Alert! Beware! Attention!

These are user surveys. Therefore the progress they have made is ENTIRELY based upon opinion. Legitimate studies do not only use personal opinion when determining the effectiveness of a hair loss treatment. Hair counts and physician monitored progress are imperative to TRULY defining the effectiveness of a treatment. Hair counts are not included in these results. At the same time, user satisfaction is a relevant part of every study and is usually tracked and communicated as a PORTION of the evidence supporting the product’s overall effectiveness.

Also, it is generally understood in the hair loss research community that evaluating a treatment for less than 1 year is typically insufficient to determine its true effectiveness. Please keep in mind that many of these people have not been on the treatment for longer than 6 months, especially with the Revivogen Trial respondents.

What does all this mean? It means that when you view these results, you need to pay close attention to how long the person was on the treatment. You may notice that those on the treatment longer seem to have better results. You also need to notice that each person has their own set of expectations. Some people expected Revivogen to regrow hair. Others only expected it to halt their hair loss.

Lastly, you need to take note of whether the person was on other treatments at the time (where this info is available) or if they have been using Revivogen alone.

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