Transplant Doctor Offers Free Corrective Surgery

Transplant Doctor Offers Free Corrective Surgery
May 15 20:00 2016 Print This Article

A group of concerned hair transplant surgeons have decided to continue to offer free restorative surgeries to those injured and unable to afford it, as well as extend the offer for free evaluations to those who are unsatisfied with their hair transplant results…As we have mentioned in previous articles, the ISHRS conference was a significant and productive gathering of hair restoration surgeons and industry affiliates during the month of October. Much was shared, and some very important issues were voted upon at the conference, such as:

1. An independant survey of previous hair transplant patients, both satisfied and unsatisfied, to help give the professionals in the industry a better idea of what level of success their industry is producing, on average. This was voted on and no ISHRS members disagreed. The executive director will be completing the work started to obtain the costs of the survey, company proposals, and to address patient-physician confidentiality issues.

2. The offer to provide free services to deserving individuals in need of restorative surgery and are unable to pay for it. This “Pro-Bono” committee exists to serve people who have incurred injury, illness, or accident. This free offer is extended only to those who are in need of restorative work because of these three reasons. The vote on this issue was unanimous in favor of continuing free restorative work to the less fortunate.

3. The offer to provide a free consultation and evaluations to patients who feel that they had a bad hair transplant procedure. This free offer extends only as far as the evaluation. Many physicians came forward to offer these services. The vote was to leave this up to individual physicians to deal with since this issue is a direct individual patient-physician relationship issue that does not fall under the educational commitment of the ISHRS. Each case has to be treated on an individual basis within the standard patient-physician relationship. Anyone wishing a second opinion can be referred to one of the physicians who volunteered in his or her geographical area.

HairlossTalk spoke with Dr. Bobby Limmerabout the free evaluation offer…

HairlossTalk: For those who may be considering the free evaluation, what is considered an “unsatisfactory donor scar”?

Dr. Limmer: I would consider any scar unsatisfactory if it exceeded 5mm in width

HairlossTalk: What physicians and in which states, are participating in this offer?

Dr. Limmer: The list is not yet complete, but if a patient is interested, they would be referred to the physician closest to them geographically.

HairlossTalk: What if there are no participating surgeons nearby?

Dr. Limmer: You will have to travel.

HairlossTalk: Will the repair of other procedures like hair flap surgery be included in this offer?

Dr. Limmer: We are going to suggest re-evaluation by the original doctor when possible. We will not exclude other possibilities, but right now we are primarily looking at donor scars.

HairlossTalk: You had mentioned previously that for qualifying individuals there would be little or no charge. Who would qualify for “little”, and who would qualify for “no” charge?

Dr. Limmer: The charge will vary from Doctor to Doctor.

HairlossTalk: What exactly is being offered?

Dr. Limmer: All that is being offered for this particular issue is Evaluation. The decision will be within what you and the doctor agree may be beneficial to you.

More information is forthcoming, and we will keep you apprised of the latest as we receive it.

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